Quantum Computing at Compile Time

Advisors Yanbin Chen, Innocenzo Fulginiti
Location TBD
Time TBD
Module IN2107, IN0014


This seminar focuses on intriguing problems encountered when compiling quantum algorithms on classical computers. Quantum computing has been a trend of research for decades because of its potential to tackle problems that are beyond the reach of classical computers. Its unique architecture, based on the principles of quantum mechanics, hints the possibility of parallel processing and exponential scalability. Quantum computers can speed up certain computations such that they actually become tractable. One such application is the computation of the ground state energy of a molecule. For classical computers this problem becomes quickly infeasible as the size of the molecule grows. In contrast to that, quantum computers can solve this problem efficiently using the variational quantum eigensolver. QPUs, the units that carry out quantum computing, however, are not able to compile quantum algorithms. Currently, quantum algorithms require compiling at classical computers before performed at QPUs. A wide range of problems need to be solved in order to compile quantum programs into QPU-executable entities.  Thoes problems include mapping quantum circuits to hardware archietecture, gate synthesis and decomposition, gate scheduling, circuit simplification, resource allocation, and etc.

In the seminar, you will have the freedom to select a specific topic of interest within the field of quantum compilation and delve deeper into it. By conducting in-depth research, you will gain valuable insights and probably contribute to the advancement of compile-time optimization techniques in quantum computing, which helps lay the foundations for programming tools for quantum computers.


This seminar is open to Bachelor and Master students. The following lectures (or equivalent) are prerequisites for this course:

  • Linear Algebra for Informatics (MA0901)
  • Introduction to Theory of Computation (IN0011)
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing (IN2381)

This seminar assumes that attendees have at least a basic understanding of Quantum Computing and thus will not specifically introduce basics of Quantum Computing.



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