Speaker Dr. Michael Petter
Location NEW: BBB
Date Wednesdays 12:20 to 13:50
Module IN2113
Tutorial Mondays and Tuesdays


  • We will start this semester online
  • As soon as participant numbers stabilize, we decide whether on-site teaching is possible
  • Lecture & Tutorial are handled via moodle


We present selected topics that focus on current issues in the design or implementation of programming languages from point of view of compiler construction. We consider these topics as providers for building blocks for programming languages, thus this lecture is not intended as an introduction to programming these features, instead on how to adapt compilers and runtime systems in order to support these features.

  • Memory Model
    • Relaxed Memory Models
    • Wait-Free Algorithms
    • Lock-Free Algorithms
    • Locks and Monitors
  • Control Flow in Concurrent Systems
    • Transactional Memory
    • Coroutines and Continuations
  • Method Dispatching
    • Multimethods
    • Multiple Inheritance
  • Modularization
    • Mixins
    • Traits
    • Prototype based Programming
  • Metaprogramming
    • Aspect Oriented Programming
    • Homoiconic Metaprogramming

Recommended Requirements

  • IN0001 Introduction to Informatics 1
  • IN0003 Functional Programming and Verification

Tutorials & Lecture

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