Univ. Prof. Dr. Martin Bichler

E-Mail: m.bichler at tum.de
Phone: +49 (0) 89 289 - 17500
Fax:+49 (0) 89 289 - 17535

Office: Room 01.10.061
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Munich, Germany

Hours: by arrangement
Assistant: Anja Keller

Short Bio

Martin Bichler is head of this research unit and a full professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). He is also affiliated with the TUM School of Management. Martin  received his MSc degree from the Technical University of Vienna, and his Ph. D. as well as his Habilitation from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He was a research fellow at UC Berkeley, and a research staff member at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York. Later, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, at HP Labs Palo Alto, at the Department of Economics at Yale University, and at the Department of Economics at Stanford University. In the fall 2023, he was a Research Professor at the Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute . in Berkeley.

Martin received the EURO Excellence in Practice Award, the INFORMS Daniel H. Wagner prize (runner-up), the HP Labs eAward, the IBM Faculty Award, the INFORMS ISS Design Science Award (twice), and he won the Siemens SCM Olympics. He was awarded a DFG Koselleck project by the German National Science Foundation, the first one in the economic sciences. In 2022 Martin was ranked 6 out of more than 3600 scholars in the management sciences in Europe (5-year ranking) and 16 in the lifetime ranking by the Wirtschaftswoche magazin. In 2019 Martin was ranked 3rd in publications overall in the 5-year ranking by the Wirtschaftswoche in the same ranking.

Martin was a president of the INFORMS Section on Auctions and Market Design, an editor-in-chief of the BISE journal, and a fellow of the Agora Group on Market Design at the University of New South Wales, Australia. He is the spokesperson of the DFG-funded research training group AdONE, which is at the intersection of Computer Science, Management Science, and Mathematics. He was the Vice Dean at the Department of Computer Science of the TUM between 2019-2022, and is currently on the School Council of the School of Computation, Information, and Technology, and Advisory Board member of the TUM Institute for Advanced Study. His Erdös number is 3 and his Dijkstra number is 4.


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Selected Academic Activities



Martin Bichler is responsible for the Master program in Information Systems at TU Munich. He received the TeachInf Award of the student union of the Department of Informatics five times for different courses. He regularly teaches the following courses:

  • Operations Research (6 ECTS)
  • Business Analytics and Machine Learning (5 ECTS)
  • Auction Theory and Market Design (5 ECTS)