3 Papers Accepted to IROS 2023

We are thrilled to announce the acceptance of 3 papers (2 for IROS and 1 for RAL) from our chair at IROS 2023.

We extend our hearty congratulations to all authors and collaborators involved. The accepted papers are pivotal contributions to the field of robotic ultrasound, showcasing innovative approaches and methodologies in medical imaging and registration. Below are the details of the accepted papers:

Dianye Yuan*, Yuan Bi*, Nassir Navab, Zhongliang Jiang 
Motion Magnification in Robotic Sonography: Enabling Pulsation-Aware Artery Segmentation

Zhongliang Jiang*, Chenyang Li*, Xuesong Li, Nassir Navab 
Thoracic Cartilage Ultrasound-CT Registration using Dense Skeleton Graph

Ardit Ramadani*Heiko Maier*, Felix Bourier, Christian Meierhofer, Peter Ewert, Heribert Schunkert, Nassir Navab
Feature-based Electromagnetic Tracking Registration Using Bioelectric Sening (RAL)