A High-Performance Storage Engine for Modern Hardware

LeanStore is a high-performance OLTP storage engine optimized for many-core CPUs and NVMe SSDs. Our goal is to achieve performance comparable to in-memory systems when the data set fits into RAM, while being able to fully exploit the bandwidth of fast NVMe SSDs for large data sets. While LeanStore is currently a research prototype, we hope to make it usable in production in the future.


Support for Very Large Data Sets on Directly-Attached NVMe Arrays

NVMe SSDs have become cheap (1 TB cost around 200 USD) and fast (easily achieving 5 GB/s bandwidth per device). Existing storage engines are not capable of exploiting such fast IO devices, in particular when multiple NVMe SSDs are combined in a single server. LeanStore has been designed from scratch for Directly-Attached NVMe Arrays to get the full performance from fast flash storage devices.

High In-Memory Performance

Using optimized index structures, LeanStore achieves very high in-memory performance and scalable synchronization techniques ensure that it scales very well on many-core CPUs. A lightweight buffer manager transparently keeps frequently-accessed data in RAM, while supporting arbitrarily-large data sets on SSD.

Embeddable Open Source Library

Similar to storage engines like RocksDB and WiredTiger, LeanStore can be embedded into applications by linking it as a library. It offers a C++ interface for basic data operations like point lookup, range lookup, insert, update, delete. Support for ACID transactions is currently under development. The source code is available under MIT license.


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