Proseminar: H4ck3r’s D3l1ght (IN0013)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2019
Language of instructionEnglish
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Admission information

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Note: To register, email Jeeta Chacko Please participate in the preliminary session! It takes place on 07.02.2019 at 14:00 in 01.06.011


•Improve presentation skills (i.e., soft skills) •Practice scientific writings •Improvement of analysis skills


The main goals of this proseminar are to learn new things and make you curious. The topics are widespread, categorized in algorithms, functional programming, models and energy informatics. Some topics were chosen from the book “Hacker’s Delight,” which gave this seminar its name. During the proseminar, you have to write a paper (5 pages), make a presentation, review at least two papers of your peers and participate actively in discussions. You are highly encouraged to show running code, and its results during your presentation, but it is not required. Topics: