A Streamline-guided De-Homogenization Approach for Structural Design

J Wang1R Westermann1 & J Wu

1 Chair for Computer Graphics and Visualization, Technical University of Munich, Germany

2 Department of Sustainable Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


We present a novel de-homogenization approach for efficient design of high-resolution load-bearing structures. The proposed approach builds upon a streamline-based parametrization of the design domain, using a set of space-filling and evenly-spaced streamlines in the two mutually orthogonal direction fields that are obtained from homogenization-based topology optimization. Streamlines in these fields are converted into a graph, which is then used to construct a quad-dominant mesh whose edges follow the direction fields. In addition, the edge width is adjusted according to the density and anisotropy of the optimized orthotropic cells. In a number of numerical examples, we demonstrate the mechanical performance and regular appearance of the resulting structural designs, and compare them with those from classic and contemporary approaches.

Associated publications

A Streamline-guided De-Homogenization Approach for Structural Design
J Wang, R Westermann and J Wu
ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, 2022
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