Seminar: Software Quality

Module No: IN0014, IN2107 (Bachelor's, Master's)

Software Quality

In this seminar, we explore the many aspects of software quality. We focus not only on source code quality, but also extend our analysis to software testing and architectural decisions. Our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to high quality software.

To ensure personalized guidance and support, each student is assigned a dedicated supervisor who will provide assistance throughout the seminar. Our seminar emphasizes hands-on experience, with each topic including a practical component. Through real-world scenarios, students can experiment and apply their knowledge, exploring different techniques and methodologies. This approach promotes a deeper understanding of software quality.


In this seminar, each student works on his own topic under 1-on-1 supervision.

These are the topics for the winter semester 2023/24.

  1. Clone Detection
  2. Test Gap Analysis
  3. Deep Dive into Practical Contract-Based-Testing
  4. Prioritizing Natural Language Tests
  5. Supporting Developers in Handling Flaky Tests in CI
  6. Swiftly Detecting Flaky Failures
  7. An Empirical Assessment of Neural Embeddings Techniques for Web Testing
  8. Benchmarking LLM-based Code Generators
  9. Accessibility tasks during software development​