• Project duration: November 2018 – April 2022
  • Interdisciplinary research project
  • Research of new forms of employee data privacy
  • Project description on the project website (German)

Project description

Employers have significant control over the data of their employees. To protect these, the usage of personally identifiable data of employees is forbidden by many worker's councils. This protection goes beyond what is provided in legislation such as the GDPR. This is not a perfect solution, though. On the one hand, nobody can truly verify that these rules are adhered to in practice. On the other hand, interesting use cases for data are prevented, even if employees would in principle be okay with them.

The research project “Inverse Transparency” researches a new form of data privacy to overcome this conflict. The basic idea is a simple principle: Data usage is not forbidden per se, but if data are accessed, every usage is logged in a tamper-proof way and made visible (transparent) to data sovereigns. This makes data misusage unattractive, as it can be retraced. Valuable and interesting uses for data, on the other hand, are enabled in a transparent way.



View the list of scientific publications on the project website.


  • Informatics perspective: TUM
  • Sociological perspective: ISF Munich (Project coordination)
  • Leadership perspective: LMU (WIM)
  • Practice perspective: Software AG

Transfer partner

  • DGB

Funding authority

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (project website of the ministry)