Thesis Presentations

All bachelor's theses, master's theses, and guided research projects at our chair are concluded with a presentation. 

Room: 00.09.038
Time: Monday 16:30-17:30 (only during the lecture period)
Contact:  Lena Gregor

Forthcoming presentations

Date Speaker Title Time
27.05.2024 Laetitia Maar BA Talk:  Investigating Latent Space Testing Boundaries in Deep Learning Models  16:30-17:00
27.05.2024 Dominik Klein MA talk: Enhancement Calculating a Complexity Metric to Include Functional Idioms in Non-functional Programming Languages 17:00-17:30
03.06.2024 Ivo Hashamov MA talk: Evaluating the Quality of Metamorphic Test Suites for Deep Learning Models with Mutation Testing 16:30-17:00
03.06.2024 Serdar Özer MA talk: Fixing Faults in Neural Networks by Retraining with Metamorphic Relations 17:00-17:30
10.06.2024 Irina Muntean MA talk: Simulation-based Assessment of Functional Safety Concepts for Cyber-Physical Systems 16:30-17:00
10.06.2024 Kohei Dozono MA talk: Dynamic Secure Code Review with Large Language Models 17:00-17:30
17.06.2024 Nina Benkendorf MA talk: A Comparison of Test Case Generation Approaches for Functional Safety 16:30-17:00
17.06.2024 Kayo Weinschenk
MA talk: Case Study on the Fit of Test Coverage and Production Usage Data
24.06.2024 Philipp Fink MA talk: An Empirical Analysis of Flaky Failures in Continuous Integration 17:00-17:30
01.07.2024 Sami Alfhaily [Zoom] BA talk: Enhanced Debugging of Flaky Test Cases: Automating State Preservation for Efficient Failure Analysis 16:30-17:00
08.07.2024 Gordei Vikhliaev BA talk: Comparing Approaches for Flaky Test Research 16:30-17:00
08.07.2024 Cristian Creteanu MA talk: Evaluating ChatGPT for Testing Microservice Systems 17:00-17:30
15.07.2024 Dominik Berger MA talk: Supporting Developers in Repairing Flaky Tests in CI 16:30-17:00
15.07.2024 Mario Petruccelli MA talk: Using large language models for semantic document retrieval from hierarchical folder structures 17:00-17:30
14.10.2024 Patrick Zintel MA talk: Assessing State-of-the-Art Solutions for Architecture Synthesis and Optimization in Industrial Automation 16:30-17:00


Past presentations

22.04.2024 Aleksandre Kandelaki BA talk: Deep Learning-Based Lower Bound Estimation for Aerial Imagery Resolution in PV Systems Detection with SAM 16:30-17:00
22.04.2024 Erblina Jakupi GR talk: Model Repair and Training Methods in Deep Learning Models 17:00-17:30
22.04.2024 Mahdi Koubaa BA talk: Transfer Confidentiality Preservation Concepts to Multi-Model Inconsistency Detection for Systems Engineering 17:30-18:00
29.04.2024 Niklas Berberich

BA talk: Optimizing Relevant Quality Attributes of Collaborating Autonomous UAVs

29.04.2024 Felix Habermann

BA talk: Benchmark for Scenario Instance Descriptions

13.05.2024 Andreas Sedlmeier MA talk: Prioritizing Regression Tests for Manual Testing of Mobile Applications 16:30-17:00
13.05.2024 Leon Kastner BA talk: Error Handling in Microservice Architectures 17:00-17:30


26.10.2023 Haris Durrani MA talk: An Empirical Investigation of Chilling Effects Induced by Workplace Software 16:15-16:45
26.10.2023 Niklas Kerscher BA talk: ML-Guided Search-based Testing of Automated Driving Systems 16:45-17:15
19.10.2023 Florian Huber GR talk: Comprehensive Evaluation of Scenario Instance Descriptions 16:15-16:45
19.10.2023 Benedikt Rank MA talk: Large language models and their applicability in JIT defect prediction 16:45-17:15
16.11.2023 Nikola Wullenweber MA talk: Implementation of Metamorphic Relations for Testing Open Source Large Language Models 16:15-16:45
16.11.2023 Ole Vester GR talk: Investigation of the Relationship Between Line Coverage and Frequent Bug Fixes Within a Software Module 16:45-17:15
23.11.2023 Eric Armbruster MA talk: Definition of Abstraction Levels for Metamorphic Testing 14:15-14:45
23.11.2023 Erasmus Hertel

MA talk: Automated Assessment of Software Technologies and Dependencies

23.11.2023 Lukas Feye MA talk: Evaluation of a Metric for Measuring Program Code Change 15:45-16:15
23.11.2023 Sanjay Jayaprakash MA talk: Measuring Digitalization: Investigating NERD in University Module Descriptions 16:15-16:45
23.11.2023 Xin Guan

BA talk: Lectures with digital content - Visualization of a Website for Students

14.12.2023 Antonia Maria Lehene MA talk: Increasing Data Sharing Appeal Through Incentive Mechanisms 16:15-16:45
14.12.2023 Manuel Brandstetter MA talk: Why do Web Frameworks break Software Engineering Principles? 16:45-17:15
21.12.2023 Denis Paluca MA talk: Fuzzing Algorand Smart-Contracts 16:15-16:45
21.12.2023 Daniel Baur MA talk: Automatized Optimization of Urban Energy Systems 16:45-17:15
18.01.2024 Ruben Grewal MA talk: White-Box Failure Prediction for Autonomous Driving Systems 16:45-17:15
25.01.2024 Anton Kluge BA talk: Web Element Relocation in Evolving Web Applications: Enhancing the VON Similo Approach 16:15-16:45
25.01.2024 Emil Schwenger BA talk: Design and implementation of a data infrastructure for mining software repositories 16:45-17:15
08.02.2024 Emir Besic MA talk: Analysis of Industrial Challenges and Approaches for Test Data Transfer in Software Development Projects 16:45-17:15
11.03.2024 Hannes Leonhard BA talk: A Testing Framework for Self-Driving Cars 14:15-14:45
11.03.2024 Taylor Lei MA talk: A Fault Injection Method for Evaluating Test Generation Frameworks for Microservices 14:45-15:15
11.03.2024 Pablo Rodrigo Valero MA talk: Test Case Generation for Robust Behavior During Component Failures in Collaborating Autonomous Aerial Vehicles 15:30-16:00

20.04.2023 Saketh Gundlapalli MA talk: Ablation Study of Automatic Failure Categorization in Automotive Integration Level Testing 16:15-16:45
20.04.2023 Maximilian Schallermeyer BA talk: Reducing Effort for Flaky Test Detection Through Resource Limitation 16:45-17:15
27.04.2023 Maximilian Trien MA talk: Defect Hypothesis Based Metamorphic Testing of 3D Object Detection Systems 16:15-16:45
27.04.2023 Irina Muntean Guided Research talk: Fault Models for Simulation-based Validation of Safety Concepts 16:45-17:15
04.05.2023 Julian Simon BA talk: [Zoom] Automated Fault Localization in Matlab Simulink Models 15:15-15:45
04.05.2023 Mariia Borysova MA talk: [Zoom] Tool-Supported Reconstruction of Software Architectures 15:45-16:15
11.05.2023 Florian Schelle A talk: Creation of a short term PV power forecasting model with machine learning methods 16:15-16:45
11.05.2023 Eren Gülüm Guided Research talk: Case Study on Retrospectively Creating a Mapping From Requirements to Source Code and Tests 16:45-17:15
25.05.2023 Lukas Heddendorp MA talk: Automatically Detecting Flaky End-to-End Tests in Multi-Language Systems Using Code Coverage 16:15-16:45
25.05.2023 Vincent Halasz BA talk: Applicability of Blockchain When Handling Personally Identifiable Information 16:45-17:15
01.06.2023 Daniel Erler MA talk: Evaluation of Multi-Dimensional Architecture Synthesis for Optimized Production 16:15-16:45
21.06.2023 Metin Lamby BA talk: Smart Contract Quality Assurance 14:00-14:30
21.06.2023 Joshua Christls MA talk: Empirical Study of Manual Classification and Traceability of Test Gaps 14:30-15:00
12.07.2023 Krisela Skenderi MA talk: Evaluating the Impact of Optimizations to the Code Coverage in the GCC Compiler 14:00-14:30
19.07.2023 Jenny Lin BA talk: Non-Repudiable Data Exchange With Blockchain 14:00-14:30
06.09.2023 Diana Deldar BA talk: Applying Safety Testing to Collaborative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 09:00-09:30
06.09.2023 Malek Ben Slimane BA talk: Comparative Analysis of Different Approaches for Test Impact Analyses for Real World Test Suites 09:30-10:00
06.09.2023 Paulo Saraiva BA talk: Detection of Imprecise Language in Manual Test CasesUsing Natural Language Processing 10:00-10:30
06.09.2023 Maximilian Matscher BA talk: Empirical Evaluation of Cross Language Test Coverage Recording for Use in Test Gap Analysis 10:30-11:00
11.09.2023 Fabian Danisch MA talk: Search Space Creation for Test Case Selection in Scenario-based Testing – A Reference Guide 14:00-14:30
11.09.2023 Fabian Schlachter BA talk: Improvements of a Python-Based Metamorphic Testing Testing Framework 14:30-15:00
11.09.2023 Carolin Ganahl BA talk: A Reproducible Evaluation of Search-based Test Case Generation for Functional Safety Concepts 15:00-15:30
11.09.2023 Malek Jarraya BA talk: Informing Consent Decisions to Usage of Health Data in an Inverse Transparent Workplace 16:00-16:30
11.09.2023 Simon Hundsdorfer GR talk: rustyRTS - Regression Test Selection in Rust 16:30-17:00
11.09.2023 Yitao Chen BA talk: Static Analysis of Algorand Smart Contracts 17:00-17:30

20.10.2022 Aaron Tacke BA talk: Reducing Effort for Flaky Test Detection through Dynamic Program Analysis 16:15-16:45
20.10.2022 Ahmed Ebid MA talk: Improving Robustness of Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving 16:45-17:15
27.10.2022 Isabell Helling BA talk: Design and Empirical Evaluation of Automated Detection of Returning Test Gaps as a Result of Source Code Changes 16:15-16:45
27.10.2022 Martin Felber BA talk: Detection of Quality Deficits That Have a Particularly Strong Impact by Taking Into Account Frequently Fixed Deficits in Bug Tickets 16:45-17:15
10.11.2022 Patrik Zander Guided Research talk: Data owner benefit-driven design of people analytics 16:15-16:45
10.11.2022 Christian Presa Schnell MA talk: Evaluating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Static Analyzer-guided Fuzzing 16:45-17:15
17.11.2022 Oliver Seitz MA talk: Scenarios in the Intersection Context - Data-Driven Derivation and Description 16:15-16:45
01.12.2022 Jonas Bogenberger MA talk: Consideration of Changes in Non-Source-Code Files in Test Gap Analysis 16:15-16:45
01.12.2022 Matthias Lehner MA talk: Design of a Zero Trust Infrastructure for the Execution of GDPR Rights 16:45-17:15
08.12.2022 Jonas Hagg MA talk: Multi-Party End-to-End Encryption for the Inverse Transparency Toolchain 16:15-16:45
08.12.2022 Christoph Pöppelbaum MA talk: Practical Application of Flaky Test Identification and Classification for Root Cause Analysis in the Context of Continuous Integration 16:45-17:15
22.12.2022 Alexander Schmidle MA talk: Integrating Defect Class Predictions into the Review Workflow of Testers 16:15-16:45
19.01.2023 Ferenc Szigeti MA talk: Systematic Security Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 16:15-16:45
09.02.2023 Dat Le Thanh MA talk: Data Augmentation in the Latent Space for Boosting Performance on Radar-Based Presence Sensing Applications 16:15-16:45
09.02.2023 Alejandro Tang Ching BA talk: Privacy Boosts: Benevolent Educational Interventions for Data Subjects’ Privacy Behaviour 16:45-17:15
13.03.2023 Justus Wendroth BA talk: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Rerunning Tests for Detecting Flaky UI Tests 14:00-14:30
13.03.2023 Florian Schmidt BA talk: Securing the Raspberry Pi OS: An Open Source SecurityConfiguration Guide 14:30:15:00
13.03.2023 Marc Pavel BA talk: A Framework for Scenario-based Integration Testing of Autonomous Driving Functions 15:00-15:30
13.03.2023 Tim Heger BA talk: Model-based Diagnosis on the basis of a Component-based Failure Hypothesis Knowledge Base 16:15-16:45
13.03.2023 Jan Mittendorf MA talk: Das unternehmerische Ökosystem in Heilbronn - Opportunitäten der TUM Venture Labs zur Förderung von Startups im Bereich der Künstlichen Intelligenz 16:45-17:15