Accelerated quality assurance for future-proof software


Project period: 2022-2025

The increasing focus on rapid software development and releases puts more and more pressure on software development teams. In addition, the ever-increasing dependency on software is leading to ever-greater impact from software defects. This increases the responsibility that development teams bear in their daily work. However, quality assurance activities, such as running all test suites or reviewing critical code parts, often take weeks to months. This difficult-to-balance tightrope act between development speed and quality assurance takes place in many areas, such as critical banking and payment systems, in avionics, automation technology, or even in the central systems of public authorities. 

In this project, we develop software development methods that enable software developers to implement systems more efficiently without having to make compromises in the areas of quality. The goal of these methods is to enable software developers to make changes to systems faster and with calculable risks, and to deliver them reliably.
This is achieved through more efficient failure analysis and testing, reviews and static analysis, but also through preventive measures to avoid field errors, for example by building better test suites and safeguarding measures that are already used during development.


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