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Software Testing

  • Macke - Modular And Compositional analysis with the KLEE (and AFL) Engine
  • Munch - Non-compositional greybox fuzzer for high function coverage (based on KLEE and AFL)
  • KLEE22 - Adaptation of the popular symbolic execution engine, with targeted path search strategy. 
  • RRITbed - Real-Time Remote IDS Testbed for Connected Vehicles
  • NEQUIVACK - Non-equivalence checker for C programs
  • 8Cage - Lightweight Fault-Based Test Generation for Simulink
  • ControllerTester - An automated Model-in-the-Loop Testing Tool for continuous controllers
  • SPaCiTE - Semi-automatically generate and execute security-relevant test cases for web applications

Software Diversity and Obfuscation

  • Obfusc8 - Implementation of a Candidate Indistinguishability Obfuscator
  • FEEBO - A Framework for Empirically Evaluating the Impact of Behavioral Obfuscation on Malware Detection
  • ISA2R - Improving Software Analysis and Attack Resilience
  • VOT4CS - A virtualization obfuscator for C#
  • STINS4CS- A State Inspection Tool for C# 
  • OEDIPUS - A Python framework that uses machine learning algorithms to implement the metadata recovery attack against obfuscated programs

Software Integrity Protection

Threat Modeling and Causality

  • HP2SAT 1.0-  a library to check actual causality according to the modified Halpern-Pearl definition of causality 
  • HP2Opt- a Java Library that can model and solve binary causality inference questions
    using optimization solving.
  • extractr  - a tool to transform attack, and fault trees to causal models
  • Attack Graph Generator-  automatic generation of attack graphs for micro-services architecture 
  • Actual Causality Canvas  an interactive platform for causal modeling, and causal checking

Engineering Self-Adaptive Systems

  • Aggregatio - A ROS-based Framework for Knowledge Aggregation with Subjective Logic in Multi-Agent Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems