Seminar: Software Quality

Module No: IN0014, IN2107 (Bachelor's, Master's)

Seminar Description

The seminar on software quality aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of software quality. The seminar will include both theoretical and practical components, with students actively implementing and applying software to answer relevant research and industry questions. Under the guidance of one-on-one supervision, students will delve deep into a single topic, gaining a thorough understanding of the subject matter. At the end of the semester, students will present their results, giving them a broad perspective on the many different topics related to software quality.


In this seminar, each student works on their own topic under 1-to-1 supervision.

These are the topics for summer semester 2023:

  1. Clone Detection
  2. ML Model: Detecting Decay
  3. ML Model: Automatic Maintenance
  4. Test Deficiency of Open Source Microservice Systems
  5. Deep Dive into Practical Contract-Based-Testing
  6. Test Impact Analysis
  7. Test Gap Analysis
  8. Supporting developers in handling flaky tests in CI
  9. Regression Test Optimization of Manual System Tests


Preliminary Meeting

Preliminary meeting was on Wednesday, 8. February 3 pm.

The slides can be found here.

People and Contact

The seminar is supervised by