Seminar: Software Quality

Module No: IN0014, IN2107 (Bachelor's, Master's)

Software Quality

Software with high quality is an overarching goal of software evolution. However, what constitutes software quality in concrete terms, and above all how it is determined and achieved, is a ongoing challenge. This seminar is dedicated to this topic. 

This year we want to put special emphasis on not only considering the quality of source code. Requirements and tests are integral parts of software and its quality as well. In the seminar we will cover techniques for evaluating and improving the quality of requirements, tests, source code and processes. We want to learn the techniques not only in theory but also try them out on practical examples.

Ongoing Semester

Downloads and Deadlines

Download all ressources and Kickoff slides


  • Initial Submission: Jan 30
  • Presentation dry run: until Feb 2
  • Presentation and Group Meeting: Feb 6-17 (1 day, tba)
  • final submission: Feb 24



Each participant learns to work independently on a scientific topic, to conduct literature research, to apply the knowledge gained and to write a paper on the given topic. Each participant gives a presentation on his or her topic to the other participants and supervisors and receives detailed feedback.

These are the topics for the winter semester 2022/23:

  • Testability of Software Systems​
  • Testability of Blockchain Smart Contracts
  • Clone Detection
  • Analysis of TEAL Smart Contract Apps
  • Test Impact Analysis
  • Test Gap Analysis
  • Regression Test Optimization for Manual UI Tests
  • Flaky End-to-End Tests
  • Brown Builds