CrESt - Collaborative Embedded Systems

Project period

January 2017 – October 2020

Project Description

With the transition from classical embedded systems to networked, collaborative embedded systems, a wide range of new application possibilities for the industry is emerging. A company's ability to efficiently develop collaborative embedded systems of the highest quality will become a decisive competitive factor. At the same time, however, this transition also leads to a leap in the systems' complexity that needs to be considered. As a result, it is no longer necessary to consider individual embedded systems but rather collaborative embedded systems dynamically created at runtime. Since product success in the area of embedded systems is strongly determined by their quality, it is necessary to guarantee system quality despite the increasing complexity. Therefore it is essential to be able to control the complexity of collaborative embedded systems with efficient methods.

Our specific focus within the project:

1. Dynamics of collaborating in the open context of collaborative embedded systems

  • Requirements for system architectures in dynamic and open context
  • Methods for designing system architectures in dynamic and open context.

2. Procedures for validation and verification for collaborative embedded systems

  • Requirements for validation and verification methods
  • Methods for testing of collaborative embedded systems
  • Conception of methods for runtime validation.

3. Function and functional properties for collaborative embedded systems

  • Elicitation and evaluation of requirements for functional modelling in collaborative embedded systems
  • Elicitation of models and methodologies of functional characteristics in collaborative embedded systems
  • Exemplary application of the methodologies extracted in the previous step. 


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