Triplanar Displacement Mapping for Terrain Rendering

S. Weiss1, F. Bayer1, R. Westermann1

1Computer Graphics & Visualization Group, Technische Universität München, Germany


Heightmap-based terrain representations are common in computer games and simulations. However, adding geometric details to such a representation during rendering on the GPU is difficult to achieve.
In this paper, we propose a combination of triplanar mapping, displacement mapping, and tessellation on the GPU, to create extruded geometry along steep faces of heightmap-based terrain fields on-the-fky during rendering. The method allows rendering geometric details such as overhangs and boulders, without explicit triangulation. We further demonstrate how to handle collisions and shadows for the enriched geometry.

Associated publications

Triplanar Displacement Mapping for Terrain Rendering
S. Weiss, F. Bayer, R. Westermann
Eurgraphics 2020
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