Interactive Visual Exploration of Line Clusters

Mathias Kanzler and Rüdiger Westermann
Technische Universität München, Germany


We propose a visualization approach to interactively explore the structure of clusters of lines in 3D space. We introduce cluster consistency fields to indicate the local consistency of the lines in a cluster depending on line density and dispersion of line directions. Via brushing the user can select a focus region where lines are shown, and the consistency fields are used to automatically control the density of displayed lines according to information content. The brush is automatically continued along the gradient of the consistency field towards high information regions, or along a derived mean direction field to reveal major pathways. For a given line clustering, visualizations of cluster hulls are added to preserve context information.

Associated Publications

Interactive Visual Exploration of Line Clusters

M. Kanzler, R. Westermann, Proceedings of the Conference on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2018 [PDF] [Link]