This page may be outdated as Dr. Treib is no longer working at tum.3D.

Dr. Marc Treib

Topics of Research

  • Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Data Sets
  • GPU Computing

Teaching Activities

  • Master-Praktikum - Interactive Visual Data Analysis (Winter Term 12/13)
  • Bachelor-Praktikum - Videospielentwicklung in C++ und Direct3D10 (Summer Term 12)
  • Bachelor-Praktikum - Echtzeitgraphik in C++ und DirectX10 (Summer Term 11)
  • Bachelor-Praktikum - Echtzeitgraphik in C++ und DirectX10 (Winter Term 10/11)

Recent Publications

Visualization of Big SPH Simulations via Compressed Octree Grids
F. Reichl, M. Treib, R. Westermann,
Proc. IEEE BigData 2013

Vortices within vortices: hierarchical nature of vortex tubes in turbulence
K. Bürger, M. Treib, R. Westermann, S. Werner, C. Lalescu, A. Szalay, C. Meneveau, G. Eyink,
American Physical Society, 65th Annual DFD Meeting, 2012
Gallery of Fluid Motion (Video Submission)

Turbulence Visualization at the Terascale on Desktop PCs
M. Treib, K. Bürger, F. Reichl, C. Meneveau, A. Szalay, R. Westermann,
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 18(12) (Proc. IEEE Visualization 2012)

Temporally Coherent Real-Time Labeling of Dynamic Scenes
M. Vaaraniemi, M. Treib, R. Westermann,
In COM.Geo Proceedings of Computing for Geospatial Research and Application (Proc. COM.Geo 2012)

Real-Time Fluid Effects on Surfaces using the Closest Point Method
S. Auer, C.B. Macdonald, M. Treib, J. Schneider, R. Westermann,
Computer Graphics Forum 31(6):1909–1923, 2012

Interactive Editing of GigaSample Terrain Fields
M. Treib, F. Reichl, S. Auer, R. Westermann,
Computer Graphics Forum 31(2):383-392 (Proc. Eurographics 2012)

High-Quality Cartographic Roads on High-Resolution DEMs
M. Vaaraniemi, M. Treib, R. Westermann,
Journal of WSCG 19(2):41-48, 2011