This page may be outdated as Florian Reichl is no longer working at tum.3D.

Dipl.-Inf. Florian Reichl

Topics of Research

  • Big data visualization
  • Interactive rendering
  • Voxel- and sample-based ray-casting

Teaching Activities

  • Praktikum: Grundlagen der Programmierung (Winter Term 10/11)
  • Praktikum: Grundlagen der Programmierung (Winter Term 11/12)
  • Tutorübungen zu Games Engine Design (Sommer Term 13)
  • Tutorübungen zu Games Engine Design (Sommer Term 14)

Recent Publications

Memory-Efficient Interactive Online Reconstruction from Depth Image Streams
F. Reichl, J. Weiss and R. Westermann,
Computer Graphics Forum (2016)

Interactive Rendering of Giga-Particle Fluid Simulations
F. Reichl, M. G. Chajdas, J. Schneider and R. Westermann,
High-Performance Graphics 2014

Visualization of Big SPH Simulations via Compressed Octree Grids
F. Reichl, M. Treib, R. Westermann,
2013 IEEE International Conference on BigData

Hybrid Sample-based Surface Rendering
F. Reichl, M.G. Chajdas, K. Bürger, R. Westermann,
Proceedings of VMV 2012:47-54

Turbulence Visualization at the Terascale on Desktop PCs
M. Treib, K. Bürger, F. Reichl, C. Meneveau, A. Szalay, R. Westermann,
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 18(12) (Proc. IEEE Visualization 2012)

Interactive Editing of GigaSample Terrain Fields
M. Treib, F. Reichl, S. Auer, R. Westermann, 
Computer Graphics Forum 31(2) (Proc. Eurographics 2012)