This page may be outdated as Prof. Dr. Martin Kraus is no longer working at tum.3D, go to Aalborg University for his new webpage.

Prof. Dr. Martin Kraus

Topics of Research

Volume Visualization


GPU-Based Euclidean Distance Transforms and Their Application to Volume Rendering
J. Schneider, M. Kraus, R. Westermann,
Springer CCIS 68, to appear 2010

GPU-Based Real-Time Discrete Euclidean Distance Transforms With Precise Error Bounds
J. Schneider, M. Kraus, R. Westermann,

The Pull-Push Algorithm Revisited
Martin Kraus,
GRAPP 2009

Interpolating and Downsampling RGBA Volume Data
Martin Kraus and Kai Bürger,
VMV 2008

Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering for Multi-Dimensional Transfer Functions
Martin Kraus,
Volume Graphics 2008

Efficient image reconstruction for point-based and line-based rendering
Ricardo Marroquim, Martin Kraus, and Paulo Roma Cavalcanti,
Computer and Graphics 32(2):189-203, 2008

Quasi-Convolution Pyramidal Blurring
Martin Kraus,
GRAPP 2008

Efficient Point-Based Rendering Using Image Reconstruction
R. Marroquim, M. Kraus, P. Roma Cavalcanti,
PBG 2007

Depth-of-Field Rendering by Pyramidal Image Processing
M. Kraus, M. Strengert,
EG 2007

GPU-Based Edge-Directed Image Interpolation
M. Kraus, M. Eissele, M. Strengert,
SCIA 2007

Pyramid Filters Based on Bilinear Interpolation
M. Kraus, M. Strengert,
GRAPP 2007