Dr. Ismail Demir


Recent Publications

Visual Abstractions for Analyzing Uncertain Multidimensional Data
I. Demir, Dissertation

Visualizing the Central Tendency of Ensembles of Shapes
I. Demir, M. Jarema, R. Westermann, Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Symposium on Visualization, 2016

Screen-space Silhouettes for Visualizing Ensembles of 3D Isosurfaces
I. Demir, J. Kehrer, R. Westermann, Proceedings of IEEE PacificVis Visualization Notes, 2016

Vector-to-Closest-Point Octree for Surface Ray-Casting
I. Demir, R. Westermann, Proceedings of Vision, Modeling and Visualization 2015 (accepted for publication)

Comparative Visual Analysis of Vector Field Ensembles
M. Jarema, I. Demir, J. Kehrer, R. Westermann.
In Proc. IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (IEEE VAST), 2015.

Multi-Charts for Comparative 3D Ensemble Visualization
I. Demir, C. Dick, R. Westermann, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2014

Progressive High-Quality Response Surfaces for Visually Guided Sensitivity Analysis
I. Demir, R. Westermann, Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EuroVis 2013)