Dissertations at the Chair for Software & Systems Engineering

  1. Tabea Schmidt: Testing the Safe Behavior of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Scenario-Based Testing, 2023
    Committee: AP, Stefan Leutenegger, Jörg Ott
  2. Ana Petrovska: On Engineering Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems, 2023
    Committee: AP, Raffaela Mirandola, Matthias Grabmair
  3. Markus Schnappinger: On Machine Learning Assisted Software Maintainability Assessments, 2023
    Committee: AP, Foutse Khomh, Pramod Bhatotia
  4. Johannes Eder: Automatic Exploration of Automotive E/E Architectures, 2022
    Committee: AP, Bernhard Rumpe, Florian Matthes
  5. Severin Kacianka: Accountability for Cyber-Physical Systems, 2022
    Committee: AP, Stefan Leue, Gudrun Klinker
  6. Jürgen Dürrwang: Steigerung der Betriebssicherheit von Personenkraftwagen durch Bedrohungsanalysen für die Informationssicherheit, 2022
    Committee: AP, Reiner Kriesten, Claudia Eckert
  7. Florian Hauer: On Scenario-Based Testing of Automated and Autonomous Driving Systems, 2021
    Committee: AP, Markus Lienkamp, Matthias Althoff
  8. Mohsen Ahmadvand: Strengthened, Composable, and Quantifiable Software Integrity Protection, 2021
    Committee: AP, Bjorn de Sutter, Georg Carle
  9. Amjad Ibrahim: An Actual Causality Framework for Accountable Systems, 2021
    Committee: AP, Joe Halpern, Helmut Seidl
  10. Alei Salem: Accurate and Reliable Labeling for Effective Detection of Android Malware, 2021
    Committee: AP, Lorenzo Cavallaro, Jens Grossklags
  11. Alexander Fromm: Enhancing Data Flow Tracking for Data Usage Control, 2020
    Committee: AP, Stefan Tai, Florian Matthes
  12. Mojdeh Golagha: A Framework for Failure Diagnosis, 2020
    Committee: AP, Lionel Briand, Thomas Neumann
  13. Saahil Ognawala: Scalable Greybox Fuzzing for Effective Vulnerability Management, 2020
    Committee: AP, Cristian Cadar, Tobias Nipkow
  14. Christoph Bier: Implementation of the data protection right of access based on usage control and data provenance technology, 2017
    Committee: AP, Indra Spiecker, Jürgen Beyerer, Uwe Baumgarten
  15. Sebastian Banescu: Characterizing the Strength of Software Obfuscation Against Automated Attacks, 2017
    Committee: AP, Saumya Debray, Alfons Kemper 
  16. Florian Kelbert: Data Usage Control for Distributed Systems, 2016
    Committee: AP, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Georg Carle
  17. Dominik Holling: Defect-based Quality Assurance with Defect Models, 2016
    Committee: AP, Lionel Briand, Bernd Brügge
  18. Tobias Wüchner: Behavior-based Malware Detection with Quantitative Data Flow Analysis, 2016
    Committee: AP, Felix Freiling, Claudia Eckert
  19. Matthias Büchler: Semi-Automatic Security Testing of Web Applications with Fault Models and Properties, 2015
    Committee: AP, Rob Hierons, Tobias Nipkow
  20. Prachi Kumari: Model-Based Policy Derivation for Usage Control, 2015
    Committee: AP, Naranker Dulay, Uwe Baumgarten
  21. Enrico Lovat: Cross-layer Data-centric Usage Control, 2015
    Committee: AP, Frank Piessens, Helmut Seidl