Electromagnetic Catheter Tracking and Real-time Localization in Pre-Operative MR/CT Images during Cardiac Catheterization

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Ardit Ramadani


Due to the heart's complexity, it is sometimes very difficult for surgeons to locate the tip of the catheter in fluoroscopic images during a cardiac procedure. In addition, it is especially difficult in cases where the branches of the vascular system are numerous, and their diameter is very small. Therefore, surgeons must inject a contrast agent and match all intraoperative 2D fluoroscopic images to anatomical structures from preoperative 3D images. It is of great importance that this mapping is done in a natural way. In this project, we are developing a solution that uses preoperative high-quality 3D MRI/CT volumes and provides real-time catheter position using an electromagnetic tracking system. The electromagnetically tracked position of the catheter will be displayed in real-time in the preoperative 3D MRI/CT images without the need for additional imaging modalities. This solution would facilitate the catheter tracking process in minimally invasive cardiac procedures.

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Keywords: Electromagnetic Tracking, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Catheterization

Research Partners

Klinik für angeborene Herzfehler und Kinderkardiologie – Deutsches Herzzentrum München

  • Prof. Dr. med. Peter Ewert
  • Dr. Dr. med. Christian Meierhofer

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