Thyroid Sonography

Contact Persons

Christine Eilers (

Thomas Wendler (


The Thyroid Sonography project aims at improving ultrasound scanning of the thyroid for diagnosis and treatment. We want to improve the scan quality and reduce variabilities in the acquisitions. To do so we currently compare 2D and 3D US scanning with automatic segmentation regarding variability and accuracy. The 3D US segmentations show promising results. We further plan on improving the scanning and imaging analysis through robotics and deep learning.

Keywords: Medical Imaging, Robotics, Ultrasound, Thyroid

Research Partners

Nuclear Medicine Department at Klinikum rechts der Isar, TUM

Nuclear Medicine Department at Radboud University Medical Center

Piur Imaging GmbH

Project Members

Christine Eilers, M.Sc.

Dr. Thomas Wendler

Lemonia Konstantinidou

Melanie Köhler

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Weber (Ex)

Prof. Dr. med. James Nagarajah (Ex)

Dr. med. Markus Kroenke (Ex)

Robert Bauer, M.Sc. (Ex)