Camera Augmented Mobile C-arm (CAMC)

Contact Persons

Matthias Seibold (

Tianyu Song (

Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab


The basic motivation for proposing the Camera-Augmented Mobile C-arm (CAMC) is to enable a mobile C-arm itself to provide 3D reconstruction results. Our research covers topics such as X-Ray calibration, advanced AR visualizations through co-registration of RGB and X-Ray images, intra-operative navigation of surgical tools, 3D CBCT reconstruction, panoramic X-Ray image stitching, 3D­3D calibration for CBCT and RGBD data, radiation estimation and many more. In the last two decades, over 60 papers on Camera Augmented Mobile C-arm have been published. The project website page provides a more detailed description:

Keywords: Medical Imaging, Computer-Aided Surgery, Medical Augmented Reality

Project Members

Matthias Seibold

Tianyu Song

Dr. Javad Fotouhi

Dr. Alex Johnson, M.D.

Dr. Greg Osgood, M.D.