PD Dr. Slobodan Ilic

Contact Details

Guest Research Scientist

E-Mail: Slobodan.Ilic@tum.de
Phone: +49 089-289 17082
Skype: Slobodan.Ilic.jf
Address: Technische Universität München
Fakultät für Informatik, I-16
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching b. München
Room: Room:03.13.040


Current Occupation

Senior Key Expert Research Scientist

E-Mail: Slobodan.Ilic@siemens.com
Phone: +49 (89) 636-634324
Address: Siemens AG
Technology Center
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6
81739 München, Deutschland

Curriculum Vitae

In January 2014 I joined Siemens Corporate Technology in Munich as a Senior Key Expert Research Scientist. I am associated to the CAMP Chair of Nassir Navab as Guest Researcher, which I previously joined in February 2009 as a leader of the Computer Vision Group . Form June 2006 I was a Senior Researcher at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in Berlin. Before that I was a postdoctoral fellow for one year at Computer Vision Laboratory, EPFL, Switzerland, where I received my PhD in 2005 under supervision of Pascal Fua. My research interests include mode-based Computer Vision, 3D modeling and reconstruction, detection and tracking of rigid and deformable objects including 3D objects and humans.

Research Topics

I am currently involved in conducting research in the following research areas.

  • 3D reconstruction of rigid and deformable surfaces.
  • Real-time 3D object detection and tracking.
  • 3D object(rigid and deformable) detection in depth data.
  • 3D retrieval


My team consists of PhD students, interns and master students. PhD student are mainly financed by Siemens, and are either at Siemens or at TUM. Currently I work and advise/co-advise the following PhD students.

PhD students:

  • Ivan Shugurov -- with SIEMENS CT
  • Agnieszka Tomczak --with CAMP and SIEMENS CT
  • Adrian Haarbach --with SIEMENS CT in collaboration with Prof. Mathias Niessner
  • Mahdi Hamad -- with SIEMENS CT in collaboration with Angela Dai
  • Yu Hao -- in collaboration with Prof. Mathias Niessner
  • Li Fu -- PhD exchange student from National Defense University, China

Master, bachelor and interns

  • Sricharan Chiruvolu


Past PhD students

Past Master Students and Interns

  • Ivan Pavlov -- Infinion
  • Roman Kaskman -- free lancer
  • Ran Tang -- Engineer at SenseTime?
  • Carmel Kozlov -- Machine Learning Engineer at Apple
  • Ivana Jovanovic -- PhD student at TUM
  • Denys Korzh -- Software Engineer at BrainLab?
  • Mustafa Taha Koçyigit -- Phd Candidate at University of Edinburgh
  • Hassan Sarhan -- PhD student TUM and Carl Zeiss Meditec
  • Ievgenia Dobryden
  • Miroslava Slavcheva -- PhD TUM, Facebook Reality Lab, USA
  • Bibiana do Canto Angonese -- Software Engineer at BenevolentAI?
  • Fausto Milletari -- PhD TUM, Applied AI Lead at Verb Surgical Inc
  • Andres Sanchez -- Research Engineer at Siemens CT
  • Christian Amman
  • Christian Ruprecht -- PhD TUM, Postdoc at VGG Group, University of Oxford
  • Simon Sklenak
  • Anke Schwarz -- PhD University of Stuttgart, Engineer at Bosch
  • Jan Kremer -- PhD University of Kopenhagen, Senior Data Scientist at Zendesk
  • Maike Forberg
  • David Tan, PhD TUM, Google Zurich
  • Vasilis Belagianis, PhD TUM, Assistant professor at University of Ulm
  • Vladimir Haltakov, PhD TUM, BMW AG, Munich
  • Hagen Kaiser -- Principal Software Engineer BrainLab?, Munich
  • Benoit Diotte -- BMW AG


There are couple of datasets we made available to the community:

Earlier Publications

The list of my previous publications is listed here and majority of them can be downloaded from the publication page of CVLAB, EPFL.

  • Grujic, N., Ilic, S., Lepetit, V., Fua, P. 3D Facial Pose Estimation by Image Retrieval. In Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG) (Amsterdam,Netherlands, September, 2008)
  • Ilic, S. Comparing Timoshenko Beam to Energy Beam for Fitting Noisy Data. In Asian Converence in Computer Vision (ACCV) (Tokyo, Japan, November, 2007)
  • Ilic, S., Fua, P. Non-Linear Beam Model for Tracking Large Deformations. In IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) (Rio de Janeiro, Oct 2007)
  • Ilic, S. Using Subdivision Surfaces for 3-D Reconstruction from Noisy Data. In DEFORM workshop in conjunction with British Machine Vision Conference BMVC (Edinburgh, Sep 2006).
  • Ilic, S., Salzmann, M., Fua, P. Implicit Mesh Make for Better Silhouettes. In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) (San Diego, CA, June 2005).
  • Salzmann, M., Ilic, S., Fua, P. Physically Valid Shape Parameterization for Monocular 3{D Deformable Surface Tracking. In British Machine Vision Conference BMVC (Oxford, UK, September 2005).
  • Dimitrijevic, M., Ilic, S., Fua, P. Accurate Face Models from Uncalibrated and Ill-Lit Video Sequences. In IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) (Washington, DC, June 2004).
  • Ilic, S., Fua, P. Implicit Mesh Models for Modeling and Tracking. In IEEE conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) (Madison,WI, June 2003).
  • Ilic, S., Fua, P. From Explicit to Implicit Surfaces for Visualization, Animation and Modeling. In ISPRS workshop on Visualization and Animation of Reality based 3D Models (Vulpera, Switzerland, February 2003).
  • Ilic, S., Fua, P. Generic Deformable Implicit Mesh Models for Automated Reconstruction. In International Workshop on Higher-Level Knowledge in 3D Modeling and Motion Analysis in conjunction with ICCV (Nice, France, October 2003).
  • Ilic, S., Fua, P. Using Dirichlet Free Form Deformation to Fit Deformable Models to Noisy 3-D Data. In European Conference on Computer Vision ECCV(Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2002).