Foto von Yannick Stade

M.Sc. Yannick Stade



  • Optimization of compiler structures and desinging of programming languages for quantum computing
  • Verification of fixpoint-algorithms with proof assistants such as Isabelle
  • Formerly: Language theoretic properties of graph extension grammars that are similar to hyperedge replacement grammars


  • Y. Stade, ‘Language Theoretic Properties of Graph Extension Languages: An Investigation of Graph Extension Grammars with Context Matching and Logic’, Thesis, 2022. [pdf]



If you are interested in any of my research areas, feel free to reach out to me. In my opinion, it is important that the topic fits you as a student and is of relevance for our research. Consequently, there is no list of available topics. Instead, we will find a suitable topic together in a short talk. Note that regarding theses within the area of quantum computing there is no need that you have prior knowledge. There are also plenty of possible topics that you can work on without a deep understanding of quantum computers.