ITüpferl – Bits@Work

ITüpferl is an interactive laboratory, a research workshop and a museum at the same time. It is open to visitors from the Faculty of Computer Science. Whether for alumnus, industry partners, scientists or students - in the research workshop we present modern computer science research and projects. Scientists from the Department of Computer Science work on cutting-edge topics and show you applications and demonstrations from their research projects. 

The current flagship project in the ITüpferl is Duckietown, an open, low-cost and flexible platform for autonomous education and research. It aims to make cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence tangible, accessible and fun. Discuss and get informed about the status of current research!
By the way: Each year the subject in the research workshop changes. So, at every new visit, you will get acquainted to a new field of study.

Besides the research workshop there are several exhibits from the history of computer science to see in ITüpferl, such as one of the first personal computers and hard drives from different generations.

Our offer at ITüpferl

Research Workshop

In the ITüpferl Research Workshop young teams work on current research projects. A professional group or chair present themselves for one year. In this way ITüpferl remains exciting even after many visits: Through the annual changes current research from different fields can always be experienced.

Working Groups in the Research Workshop

  • Since May 2022: Chair for Applied Software Engineering (Prof. Stephan Krusche)
  • October 2018 to April 2022: Chair of Connected Mobility (Prof. Jörg Ott)
  • May 2015 to September 2018: Chair for Applied Software Engineering (Prof. Bernd Brügge)
  • April 2012 to April 2015: Computer Aided Medical Procedures (CAMP)
  • March 2011 to March 2012: KAUST Virtual Arabia Project
  • September 2009 to February 2011: Augmented Reality Group (Prof. Gudrun Klinker)
  • Summer 2008 to September 2009: Chair of Real-Time Systems and Robotics (Prof. Alois Knoll)

Current Projects at ITüpferl


Duckietown is an open, inexpensive and flexible platform for autonomy education and research. The platform comprises small autonomous vehicles built from off-the-shelf components, and cities complete with roads, signage, traffic lights, obstacles, and citizens (duckies) in need of transportation. It shoud make state-of-the-art robotics and AI tangible, accessible, and fun!

Informatics yesterday and today

In ITüpferl's museum area, visitors come across the history of informatics. The exhibits stem above all from the 70's and 80's and show that earlier informatics concepts are still valid today.


Siemens T100 Teleprinter 1958


Magnetic MemoryHard Drive 1969-1994


Core Memory TR4 1969


LEO (Local Environment Organisation) 1982


Microprocessor System 1978


MARS (Münchner Arbeitsplatz- RechnerSystem) Munich Workstation Computer System 1984