Women in CS@TUM

WiCS is a joint initiative of students, scientific staff and professors who are involved in the topics of diversity in our departments. Women in CS@TUM is a group of members from the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology. We are working towards equal participation of women and of other under-represented groups (trans*women, women indentifying as 'diverse' und non-binary women) at the School.

Our goal: An inclusive community of students promoting gender equality in science. IFF (Computer Science Forum for Women), founded by Prof. Dr. Anne Brüggemann-Klein, empowers female students in areas such as self-development, career planning, and leadership. As a voice for women and underrepresented groups in the TUM Computer Science Faculty, we aim for equality. We provide a community for networking, collaborative work, and influencing current diversity issues, fostering a sense of belonging and shared goals.

The group is led by:

The Gender & Diversity Grants program of the Computer Science Forum for Women (IFF) provides financial support to students in the STEM field for participating in gender and diversity events as well as activities aimed at enhancing computer skills, such as programming.

The scholarships are primarily awarded to bachelor's and master's students. The program's objective is to empower women in computer science at TUM through financial assistance for students looking to expand their skills, be inspired by other women in STEM, or build their network.

In 2022, Women in CS@TUM awarded scholarships for the sixth consecutive year for participation in the Grace Hopper Conference in Florida. Two scholarships were for in-person attendance, and five were for online participation. To learn about the students' experiences during their stay in the USA, you can read the evaluation reports they have prepared  ► report  .

Evaluation reports from previous years:

In 2023, the WiCS@TUM scholarship was awarded to a total of 10 students to attend conferences in Poland, Norway and the United States. 

Our events are open to everyone, regardless of gender!

Women in CS@TUM organises diverse events that promote equal participation of women in STEM and help students to improve both their hard skills and soft skills. From interviewees with female founders to coding workshops to yoga sessions - everyone can find something for themselves!



01-11 Liquid Reply Event
01-31 Bloomberg Event
04-26 Recruiting Event
10-13 SET fair
11-24 Gender Pay Gap Event



05-10 Recruiting Event
06-22 Onboarding Event
07-20 Self Defense Event
09-19 Women in Academia
10-14 Set Fair
11-02 IFF Welcoming Event
11-29 TUM Student Club Fair
11-30 PhD Event
12-02 TUM Awards Ceremony



01-19 Resume Review
02-10 SAP Panel Discussion
02-23 Netlight CV Coaching
04-22 Netlight Event
05-19 Elisabeth Skinner Event
06-24 Elisabeth Skinner Meeting
10-21 Unhook from praise and criticism
20-29 Smart City Hackathon
11-29 Panel event with Apple
12-14 Panel discussion x Texas Instrument


Every last Wednesday of the month between 12:00 – 13:00 in room 01.09.014 MI we will have our JF. 

If you want to know our organisation and the ongoing projects you are warmly invited to join our monthly lunch meeting and share your ideas as well!

At the beginning of each semester, we recruit new members for our organization and held a Welcome Event.

We are looking for motivated students who are interested in the topics of gender equality in computer science, want to connect with other female students and help to further develop our group.

Our main areas of activity are organizing events, promoting our initiatives on social media and awarding the IFF Gender & Diversity Grants.

Remember that you can meet us every month in person during our lunch meetings even if you are not a member of the group. Everyone is welcome and no prior registration is required.

See how former members of our organization remember their experience in WiCS@TUM

"Women in CS @ TUM was the best choice I made during this period of my life. During my degree, the group’s participants and volunteers were incredibly helpful in challenging situations, for example, while applying for a job. The projects we were involved in also had a direct impact on my career, since, not only one of the projects ended up as a published paper, but helped me (and I believe many other colleges) to understand the environment the women are in while working in an tech field. Diversity still is a topic of value in my life, and I still continue to push toward it in many other ways."
~ Patricia 

"On a personal level, members of the group helped me navigate and persist through challenging times throughout my studies by always offering guidance and support. Furthermore, the people I met both within the group and through our events and programs have inspired me over and over to be daring, to believe in myself, and to follow my path. Being part of IFF gave me the confidence to speak up in a professional context, currently as a solution engineer at VMware, and to always ask for a seat at the table. It also showed me how much impact one's words and actions can have on other people: one of the things that I am most proud of is when a member of the group reached out to let me know that because of my encouragement, they had applied to and were selected for a scholarship program."
~ Nathalie

We are open to cooperation with external partners to promote equality in IT and organize valuable events for students both in the field of IT and self-growth.

Please contact us per email to womenincstum@gmail.com




Email: womenincstum@gmail.com