Talent Management & Diversity

The promotion of diversity is of the highest importance for the Department of Computer Science of the Technical University of Munich. The focus is on the creation of a diverse and inclusive environment for studying, teaching, research and interpersonal communication in our department. It is our goal to develop and empower talents in an atmosphere of respect and equal opportunities. We want to support every individual by developing their academic career and promoting their activities.


Prof. Dr. Jana Giceva is the head speaker and departmental representative for Talent Management & Diversity at the Department of Computer Science

The women's representatives and their deputies at the TUM are active in supporting the equal rights of all genders. These are your contacts at the Department of Computer Science: 

Programs and initiatives

Women in CS@TUM is a group of members from the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology. They are working towards equal participation of women and of other under-represented groups at the School. Learn more about their activities (link). 



ExploreTUM is a series of programs offered at the Technical University of Munich with the shared goal of bringing women closer to STEM fields. They aim to allow women and girls to experiment, explore the student life, and discover their interest in science and technology through a range of programs. Find out how you can get involved with ExploreTUM as a TUM student (link)

Girl's Day is a one-day event where companies, universities and research institutions across Germany open their doors to schoolgirls from the 5th grade and give an overview of their professions. Participants are invited to learn about different fields where women are currently underrepresented, specifically where the percentage of women is less than 40%. More general information can be found on the official Girls' Day website.

Girl's Day 2023 at TUM:


The focus group “Diversity in Information Technology” consists of Anna Boyksen Fellow Dr. Andreea Molnar (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia) and her host Prof. Anne Brüggemann-Klein (TUM Department for Informatics). This focus group aims to identify and characterise intiatives that promote information technology among the women and groups that are not usually represented in computer science.


The GIRLS Hacker School is a format that is specifically aimed at girls and women from all ages. The goal is to inspire girls to code so that there are more women in the IT world.


she.codes is a recognized university group of KIT and TUM with the vision to inspire young people and especially girls for computer science and technical topics and to be a close role model for them. The program allows girls to come in contact with coding and with role models, which are important in order to create orientation and representation. In the different courses offered, participants combine creativity and programming and write their first programs