Welcome to the Chair for Foundations of Software Reliability and Theoretical Computer Science.

Oct 2021 - Stefanie Mohr, Christoph Welzel, Chana Weil-Kennedy, Bea Esparza, Kush Grover, Javier Esparza, Balasubramanian Ayikudi Ramachandrakumar, Pascal Esser, Roland Guttenberg, Marta Grobelna

The interests of the group span

  • all aspects of software reliability, with special emphasis on model-checking and program analysis techniques;
  • foundations of software analysis techniques, in particular automata theory, logic, and complexity.

Current research topics include:

Parameterized Verification and Synthesis

Parameterized stochastic systems; Verification and synthesis of infinite-state systems; Petri nets; Population protocols; Constraint-based technology

Verification of Probabilistic Systems

Probabilistic model-checking; Analysis of infinite-state Markov chains

Foundations of Program Analysis

Generic program analyzers; Theory and applications of polynomial equations on semirings

Automata, Logic, and Complexity

Automata on infinite words; Classification and algorithms for hard problems; Temporal logic and foundations of verification

Model Checking and Constraint Solving

Automated abstraction; Parameterized verification; SAT and constraint solving