Student Projects

At our chair we are constantly looking for motivated students. Just have a look at our research topics below and don't hesitate to drop by and discuss how you can get involved.

Student Projects? Here?? Of course!!!

This page is intended for all students who would like to do

any kind of student project

(Bachelor/Master/Diploma thesis, semester project, guided research, ...)

in (almost) any kind of program

(Informatics, Mathematics, CSE)

or work as a student research assistant at our chair.

As we consider individual preferences and interests for specific topics more important than formal frameworks, we usually do not announce specific projects, but provide a list of topics, instead, where you could work on.

Hence, if you're interested in one of the topics listed below, just contact us by email!

(The SCCS Colloquium is a further opportunity to inform yourself about current topics for projects at our chair; guests are always welcome!)

For examples of previous student projects, see our page on Publications, in particular Master and Bachelor Thesis and Student Theses/SEP/IDP

Beside the listed topics for diploma and master theses below, individual topics and suggestions are appreciated and welcome as well! Just contact one of our team so that we can discuss your ideas!

List of Projects