(Some links still refer to previous years)

  • Advanced Programming: TUMonline (lecture)TUMonline (exercises)Moodle
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing (IN2381) TUMonlineMoodle
  • Einführung in die wissenschaftliche Programmierung : TUMonlineMoodle
  • Numerical Algorithms for HPC: TUMonline (lecture), tutorials and Moodle t.b.a.
  • Numerisches Programmieren: TUMonlineMoodle
  • Scientific Computing I: TUMonline (lecture), TUMonline (tutorial) T.B.A,   Moodle
  • Turbulent Flow Simulation on HPC-Systems: TUMonline, Moodle
  • CSE Primer (introductory course in the beginning of the semester): TUMonline, Moodle t.b.a.
  • Informatik I für Ingenieurwissenschaften (BSc. Engineering Science): TUMonline, Moodle
  • High Performance Computing - Algorithms and Applications: this lecture is not offered in winter 22/23 - see Numerical Algorithms for HPC, instead
  • Parallel Numerics: this lecture will no longer be offered - see Numerical Algorithms for HPC, instead


  • Master-Seminar: Computational Aspects of Machine Learning: TUMonline, Moodle
  • Master-Seminar: Fundamentals of Wave Simulation - Solving Hyperbolic Systems of PDEs: TUMonline, Moodle
  • Master-Seminar: Linear Operators for Machine Learning: TUMOnline, Moodle t.b.a.
  • Seminar: Scientists and Ethics: TUMonlineMoodle
  • Seminar: Projektmanagement (Überfachliche Grundlagen): TUMonline, Moodle t.b.a.
  • Master Seminar: Advanced Topics of Quantum Computing: TUMonlineMoodle
  • BGCE Seminar: Supervised Teaching
  • Doktorand*innen-Seminar


  • Scientific Computing Lab: TUMonline, Moodle t.b.a.
  • Masterpraktikum: Scientific Computing - High Performance Computing: TUMonline, Moodle
  • Masterpraktikum: Machine Learning in Crowd Modeling & Simulation: TUMonline, Moodle
  • Bachelorpraktikum: Molekulardynamik:  TUMonline, Moodle t.b.a.
  • Bachelorpraktikum: Tsunami Simulation:  TUMonline, Moodle t.b.a.