The following tables contain all students currently performing any kind of project work at the chair.

Student Projects

Name Title
Tobias Humig Exploring Performance Modeling of Different Algorithms in AutoPas
Mohamad Amoud Learning Differential Operators for Fluid Dynamics on Unstructured Grids
Marc Cunningham Image Segmentation of Root Micrographs
Sreejit Dutta Quantum Generative Models
Omar Ibrahim Interface and data transfer between quantum computing users and hardware backends
Yi-Han Hsieh Second Order training for Natural Language Processing using Newton-CG Optimizers
Xiang Tao Extending a second order optimizer to NLP
Ludwig Gärtner Integrating Kokkos into AutoPas for hardware agnostic particle simulations
Hisham Saeed Development and evaluation of the Elmer adapter for the coupling library preCice
Amr Elsharkawy Voronoi piecewise surrogate models for derivative-free nonlinear stochastic optimization
Nishant Nigam Uncovering potential losses using knowledge graph embeddings and link prediction
Philipp Sedlmeier Cleaning and Repairing Time Series Data
Kaili Wang Coarse-Graining Crowd Dynamics Simulations with Stochastic Differential Equations
Arslan Ansari 1D-3D partitioned FSI simulations of elastic tubes
Nils Sperling Parallel Uncertainty Quantification of Seismic Simulations
Tzu Chien Chang Data-driven multi-fidelity modeling for terramechanics
Daniel Kowatsch Analysing Kernel Flows through the Koopman Operator
Rohan Krishna Saxena Learning Aerosol Features from Image Data
Maximilian Karpfinger Sign language translation on mobile devices
Albert Noswitz Modeling Upcoming Megaconstellations in Space Debris Environment Simulations
Fritz Hofmeier Integrating Numerical Backend Modularity into torchquad using autoray
Timur Etem Eke AutoPas on A64FX: Evaluation of Arm SVE Vectorization for Optimizing Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Lukas Kirchmair Enabling the compilation of LAMMPS on the invasive Run-time Support System
Huaiwei Zhang Implementing a Molecular Dynamics Simulation for the Invasive Run-Time Support System
Burak Mete A New Approach for Approximating the Hamiltonian Simulation: Using Latent Space Representations of Quantum States with Quantum Autoencoders
Fan Xu Properties of linear operators related to Gaussian Processes
Katjana Kosic Introduction to recommender systems and their applications
Markus Englberger Using Spatially Adaptive Combination Technique for Efficient Quantification of Uncertainty in Hydrological Models
Aubrey Coffey QAOA and quantum optimization for a TSP (traveling salesperson) use case at Infineon
Michael Grad Efficient Parallel Setup of Eigenvalue Problems in the Manifold Learning Framework Datafold
Ahmed Darwish Quantum Process Tomography using Parameterized Quantum Circuits
Theodora-Augustina Drăgan Investigating the Quantum Advantage in Quantum Machine Learning
Malik Aarav Question generation and answering in electrical power system components domain
Varun Donadi unsupervised learning models for anomaly detection in manufacturing industries
Anastasia Stamatouli Deep Generative Modeling of Microscopy Image Data
Keerthi Gaddameedi Efficient and Scalable Kernel Matrix Approximation using Hierarchical Decompositions
Sven Hingst Adjoint-Guided Mesh Refinement for Earthquake Simulations
Julia Konrad Reduced-dimension Context-aware Multi-fidelity Monte Carlo Sampling
Jonas Schuhmacher Efficient Polyhedral Gravitiy Modeling in Modern C++
Thana Guetet Learning Fluid Dynamics Models that exhibit turbulent bahavior
Zayneb Miri Light microscopy Image Segmantation Using Gaussian Processes
Jakub Fiedler CO2 Gas Leak Detection and quantification using neural networks
Thomas Sedlmeyr Verwendung von Methoden des Maschinellen Lernens zur Vorhersage von
Strömungsgradientenmaximima an einer Raumkapsel
Ankur Agrawal  Circuit Modeling using Machine Learning
Mikhail Erushev Knowledge Graph Construction for Railway System Data Lakes
Marius Bohn Homogenization of Rapidly Varying Coefficients for Seismic Simulations

Student Assistants

Budanaz, Yakup
Bhatia, Kanishk
Haag, Daniel
Manavalan, Rahul
Martin, David
Puscas, Alexander
Zonta, Elia