Prof. Dr. Michael Bader


Technische Universität München

TUM School of CIT
Department of Computer Science
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching

Tel: +49-89-35831-7810
Fax: +49-89-289-18607
Office: at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (Boltzmannstr. 1), E.2.044
Email: bader(at)

Office Hours: by arrangement


Michael Bader is associated professor at the Department of Computer Science and leads the group on hardware-aware algorithms and software for high performance computing. In particular, he focuses on challenges imposed by latest supercomputing platforms, and the development of suitable efficient and scalable algorithms and software for simulation tasks in science and engineering. The corresponding research group is therefore located at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre.

Research Topics

  • High Performance Computing/Supercomputing
  • Simulation software: SeisSol, ExaHyPE, sam(oa)²
  • Efficient parallel numerical algorithms (e.g., parallel adaptive mesh refinement, high-order discontinuous Galerkin schemes) and optimising their performance
  • Large-scale simulation in the geosciences: earthquakes, tsunamis

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Completed Projects

Currently Teaching

Winter term 2023/24

TitleCourse no.TypeLecturer (assistant)
Bachelor-Practical Course Tsunami-Simulation (IN0012, IN4153)0000000791PR
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • M. Marot-Lassauzaie
  • M. Wille
Master Practical Course - Scientific Computing - High-Performance Computing (IN2106, IN4230)2409687962PR
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • K. Gaddameedi
  • M. Marot-Lassauzaie
Numerical Algorithms for High Performance Computing (IN2398)0000000816VI
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • K. Gaddameedi
  • M. Mühlhäußer
Practical Scientific Computing 1 (IN2005)0000000231UE
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • C. Datar
  • K. Ravi
Scientific Computing 1 (IN2005)0000001358VO
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • C. Datar
  • K. Ravi
Seminar Course - Fundamentals of Wave Simulation - Solving Hyperbolic Systems of PDEs (IN2183, IN2107)0000000665SE
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • D. Schneller

Summer term 2024

TitleCourse no.TypeLecturer (assistant)
Algorithms for Scientific Computing (IN2001)0000002480VI
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • K. Gaddameedi
  • M. Wille
B.Sc. Seminar - High-Performance Computing (IN0014, IN4952)0000003260SE
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • H. Liu Weng
  • S. Narvaez Rivas
M.Sc. Seminar: Modern Trends in High Performance Computing (IN218305, IN2107)0000002603SE
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • H. Liu Weng
  • S. Narvaez Rivas
Scientific Computing II (IN2141)0000002465VI
  • M. G. Bader [L]
  • M. Mishra
  • D. Schneller


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Publications (Journals, Proceedings, Book Contributions)

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Supervised Dissertations

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