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Office: Room 01.10.053
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Short Bio

  • since 10/2020: Research Assistant, Chair of Decision Sciences & Systems, Technical University of Munich (Munich, Germany)
  • 2017-2020: M.Sc. Finance and Information Management, Technical University of Munich / University of Augsburg / University of Bayreuth (Munich, Germany)
  • 2020: Visiting Student at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA)
  • 2013-2017: B.Sc. Management and Technology, Technical University of Munich (Munich, Germany)
  • 2015: Visiting Student at University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada)
Working Experience
  • 2014-2020: Working student, ZF Group
  • 2019: Data Science Intern, Hilti AG
  • 2017 & 2019: Student Research Assistant, Technical University of Munich


Ahunbay, M.; Bichler, M.; Knörr, J.: Pricing Optimal Outcomes in Coupled and Non-Convex Electricity Markets. 24th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC '23), London, United Kingdom, 2023.

Ahunbay, M.; Bichler, M.; Knörr, J.: Pricing Optimal Outcomes in Coupled and Non-Convex Electricity Markets. 32nd Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS 2022), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022.

Bichler, M.; Knörr, J.; Maldonado, F.: Pricing in non-convex markets: How to price electricity in the presence of demand responseInformation Systems Research, to appear, 2022.

Ahunbay, M.; Bichler, M.; Knörr, J.: Pricing Optimal Outcomes in Coupled and Non-Convex Markets: Theory and Applications to Electricity Markets. Seventh Marketplace Innovation Workshop (MIW), online, 2022.

Bichler, M.; Buhl, H.; Ebinger, K.; Ganz, K.; Hanny, L.; Kern, T.; Knörr, J.; Neuhoff, K.; Ober, S.; Ott, M.; Richstein, J.; Sitzmann, A.; Weibelzahl, M.; Zilke, P.: Ein Strommarktdesign 2030–2050 zur Schaffung von langfristigen Anreizen für Energieflexibilität. In: Sauer, A.; Buhl, H.; Mitsos, A.; Weigold, M. (Eds.): Energieflexibilität in der deutschen Industrie - Band 2: Markt- und Stromsystem, Managementsysteme und Technologien energieflexibler Fabriken. Fraunhofer Verlag. 2022.

Ahunbay, M.; Ashour Novirdoust, A.; Bhuiyan, R.; Bichler, M.; Bindu, S.; Bjørndal, E.; Bjørndal, M.; Buhl, H.; Chaves-Ávila, J.; Gerard, H.; Gross, S.; Hanny, L.; Knörr, J.; Köhnen, C.; Marques, L.; Monti, A.; Neuhoff, K.; Neumann, C.; Ocenic, E.; Ott, M.; Pichlmeier, M.; Richstein, J..; Rinck, M.; Röhrich, F.; Röhrig, P.; Sauer, A.; Strüker, J.; Troncia, M.; Wagner, J.; Weibelzahl, M.; Zilke, P.: Electricity Market Design 2030-2050: Shaping Future Electricity Markets for a Climate-Neutral Europe. Whitepaper, Kopernikus SynErgie and OneNet Project. 2022.

Bichler, M.; Buhl, H.; Knörr, J.; Maldonado, F.; Schott, P.; Waldherr, S.; Weibelzahl, M.: Electricity Markets in a Time of Change: A Call to Arms for Business Research. Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research, 2022. 

Bichler, M.; Knörr, J.; Maldonado, F.: Electricity Pricing and Minimum Make-Whole Payments in the Presence of Non-Convexities and Price-Sensitive Demand. 31st Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS 2021), Austin, TX, USA, 2021.

Ashour Novirdoust, A.; Bhuiyan, R.; Bichler, M.; Buhl, H.; Fridgen, G.; Fugger, C.; Gretschko, V.; Hanny, L.; Knörr, J.; Neuhoff, K.; Neumann, C.; Ott, M.; Richstein, J..; Rinck, M.; Röhrich, F.; Schöpf, M.; Sitzmann, A.; Wagner, J.; Weibelzahl, M.: Electricity Market Design 2030-2050: Moving Towards Implementation. Whitepaper, Kopernikus SynErgie Project. 2021.

Ashour Novirdoust, A.; Bichler, M.; Bojung, C.; Buhl, H.; Fridgen, G.; Gretschko, V.; Hanny, L.; Knörr, J.; Maldonado, F.; Neuhoff, K.; Neumann, C.; Ott, M.; Richstein, J..; Rinck, M.; Schöpf, M.; Schott, P.; Sitzmann, A.; Wagner, J.; Wagner, J.; Weibelzahl, M.: Electricity Spot Market Design 2030-2050. Whitepaper, Kopernikus SynErgie Project. 2021.

Knöpfle, P., Knörr, J., Merting, S.: Online Auctions with Dual-Threshold Algorithms - An Experimental Study and Practical Evaluation. 14th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI2019), Siegen, Germany, 2019.

Huhn, J.; Knöpfle, P.; Knörr, J.; Prüssmann, H.; Tränkler, T.: Estimating the Attractiveness of German Counties for Energetic Retrofitting: A Conjoint-Analysis Approach. International Conference on Applied Energy 2019, Västerås, Sweden, 2019.


  • Business Analytics, Teaching Assistant (since WS20/21)
  • Auction Theory and Market Design, Teaching Assistant (since WS21/22)

For available thesis projects, check out this page

Completed projects:

  • Power Flow Decomposition for Electricity Spot Markets, Eglis Balani, M.Sc. Informatics, 2023
  • An Analysis and Benchmarking of Swing Contracts for Wholesale Electricity Markets, Elias Singer, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2023
  • Forward Electricity Market Design in Europe: Trading Hubs Construction and Analysis, Timo Koba, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2023
  • Application of Machine Learning for the Forecast of Bid Curves in the Day-Ahead German Power Market, Patrick Hein, M.Sc. Games Engineering, 2023
  • A Conversion Engine for European and U.S. Electricity Market Instances, Selin Wendt, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2023
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Optimal Control of Energy Storage in Decentralized Energy Markets using a Dynamic Programming Approach, Marek Szakács, M.Sc. Informatics, 2023
  • Towards a Central Dispatch Model for European Electricity Markets, Nicolas Schmitt, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2023
  • A Market Design Proposal for Combinatorial Auctions in Comprehensive Capacity Markets, Jan Martin Vogt, M.Sc. Information Systems, 2023
  • An Efficient Bid Conversion Engine for Retail Flexibility Bidding in European Electricity Markets, Maximilian Harst, M.Sc. Information Systems, 2022
  • Balancing the Tradeoffs: Towards a Customizable Pricing Scheme in Non-Convex Markets, Philippe Goerens, M.Sc. Information Systems, 2022
  • Copositive Duality for Pricing in Electricity Networks, Daniel Bartmann, M.Sc. Informatics, 2022
  • Evaluation of Non-Linear Pricing Schemes in Wholesale Electricity Markets, David Hancock, M.Sc. Information Systems, 2022
  • Algorithms for Approximate Convex Hull Pricing in Electricity Markets, Rüdiger Deilke, M.Sc. Mathematics, 2022
  • A Literature Review on Investment Incentives in Electricity Markets, Kexin Liu, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2021
  • Designing a Simulation and Visualization Tool for Electricity Auctions, An Trung Tran, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2021
  • Demand Flexibility in Nonconvex Electricity Spot Markets: Incentives, Bid Languages, and Pricing, Lisa Schmierer, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2021
  • Use of Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Quality Assurance in Automated High Precision Manufacturing of Fuel Injectors, Stefan Gaugel, M.Sc. Management & Technology, 2021
  • Pricing in Non-Convex Electricity Markets: An Empirical Benchmarking of Different Pricing Algorithms, Oliver Vogel, B.Sc. Information Systems, 2021

M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik / Information Systems

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