Modern Computer Vision Methods


This seminar course addresses recent methods in the domain of computer vision and their broader impact and application. A list of selected papers is proposed and will be studied and discussed. The advantages and drawback of modern computer vision methods are discussed and put in historic perspective in the field. Application domains include 2D and 3D object detection, image/video/spatial content segmentation, 3D reconstruction, multi-view imaging, sensor fusion, multi-modal imaging, vision for autonomous driving, camera and object pose estimation, SLAM, as well as deformable and rigid registration.


  • Preliminary Meeting via zoom on Thursday, July 13 at 4pm.
  • Sessions: Mondays, at 12.00 in room MI 03.13.010

Introduction Meeting

The introduction meeting took place on Monday October 30 at 12 noon.

Slides are available here.

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Preliminary Meeting

The preliminary meeting took place on Thursday July 13 at 4 pm.

Slides are available here.

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