Teaching at the Professorship of Cyber Trust

Theses and Student Projects

We offer motivated students interested in our research projects the opportunity to write their Thesis (Bachelor or Master) or to conduct Guided Research Projects.


Please send your application to one of our chair members via email, including your motivation (i.e. why you are interested in our research), a short CV and your current Examination Report (TUMonline → Studies → Transcripts → Print Examination Report). Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Open Student Projects

This list is not comprehensive. Please browse through our researchers' websites if you are looking for different topics you may be interested to work on.





Comprehensive Review of Participatory Approaches (= inclusion of citizens) regarding AI Discourses
(What project was the participatory method used for and what are the perceived values/ the perceived challenges? E.g.: open dialogue on AI UNESCO; Die digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft 2040)
Bachelor/Master/GDS Chiara Ullstein
Comprehensive Literature Review: What inferences from facial images are drawn using facial inference AI in academic research and how is inference-making motivated? (e.g., Appearance/Perceived Trustworthiness vs. Actual/Real Trustworthiness) Bachelor/Master/GDS Chiara Ullstein
Analysis of Submissions to the European Commission's Call for Feedback on the Draft AI Act
(Topic Modeling; Can thematic differences in submissions by different groups of participants, e.g., EU citizen vs. company vs. academic, be identified?)
Bachelor/Master/GDS Chiara Ullstein
Empirical Study on the Perception of Facial Inference AI in Asia/ Africa/ South America
(Each continent can be assigned to one master thesis/ GDS)
Bachelor/Master/GDS Chiara Ullstein


Assigned Student Projects

Requirement Elicitation for AI Interventions against sexist behavior on Instagram based on interviews with female influencers Bachelor J. Sasse
Sexism on Social Media - Extent, Handling and Possible Solutions from Moderators' Point of View. Bachelor J. Sasse
Comprehensive Review of Facial Inference AI tools that are currently used/ placed on the market Master Ch. Ullstein
Community Guidelines and their Enforcement in Volunteer Online Communities Master T. Kuo
Development of a tool for standardizing and visualizing data exports under Art. 20 GDPR "Right to Data Portability" Master

E. Syrmoudis

J. Grossklags

Comparing Machine Learning Models for Breaking CAPTCHAs in Darknet Marketplaces Bachelor M. Chen
An Investigation of the Measures of the Credit Scoring Industry for Protecting Consumers during Economic Crises. Bachelor C. Löfflad
An Emprical Investigation of the Helpfulness of Online Product Reviews - A Case Study on Amazon. Bachelor C. Löfflad
How are Consumers' Credit Scores protected during Economic Crisis? - A Comparative Analysis of Credit Scoring Systems in the U.S and China Bachelor C. Löfflad
Data Portability between Online Services: GDPR Compliance and Security Implications Bachelor E. Syrmoudis
J. Grossklags
Extraction and Insertion of Personal Data from/to Online Services: An Emprical Analysis of the Governance of Personal Data Bachelor E. Syrmoudis
J. Grossklags
A Study on the Chinese Social Credit System - Based on the Perspective of Chinese Internet Enterprises Bachelor

C. Löfflad

M. Chen

Effects of Nudging and Reputation Mechanisms on the Trustworthiness on E-Commerce Platforms - A Comparative Survey Bachelor

C. Löfflad

M. Chen

Data Portability and Erasure: GDPR Compliance of Third-Party Tracking Vendors Master E. Syrmoudis
Data portability under GDPR Art. 20: An empirical examination of data exports and imports Bachelor E. Syrmoudis
A comparative analysis of nudge units and the Chinese Social Credit System Master M. Chen
Economics of Interoperability - Data and Privacy in Interconnected Ecosystems Master E. Syrmoudis
Evaluting on the ball decision making from shooting positions in Professional Soccer Master J. Grossklags
A Comparison of Different Implementation Alternatives for the Administration of Privacy-Preserving Cross-Organizational Document Sharing Systems Bachelor J. Grossklags
Internetzensur inmitten von COVID-19: Eine datengestützte Analyse rund um den Globus Guided Research M. Chen
A Critical Investigation of Personalized AI-based Interventions against Online Norm Violations Guided Research J. Grossklags
An ethical analysis of user modeling techniques for social media networks Bachelor S. Engelmann

Completed Student Projects

A Serious Game for Cloud Security Master 2022
Methodology and Implementation of a Cyber Security Risk Management Tool Master


On the relationships between different Android frameworks and associated security issues Master 2022
Nudging to Increase the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Rate Bachelor 2022
Comparison of Contact Tracing by Smartphone Apps during the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom and China Bachelor 2022
Development of an Application for the Visualization of Data Exports under Article 20 GDPR Bachelor 2022
The perception of AI decision-making in the adverstisement and hiring context: A mixed-methods analysis of influence factors. Master 2022
Fighting corruption and fraud concerning EU funds by making use of smart city technologies Master 2022
A Quantitative Analysis of Rule-Breaking Behavior in an Online Community Bachelor 2022
A Survey Study on Intervention against Online Hate Speech and its Implications Master 2021
Peer Review Verification with Verifiable Credentials and Zero-Knowledge Proofs Master 2021
How Useful is the GDPR´s Right to Data Portability? An Empirical Study Bachelor 2021
Unfamiliar Ground: Real World Analysis of a Modern NIST-Guided Password Policy Bachelor 2021
Development and usage of automated systems for content moderation Master 2021
Measuring the Effectiveness of Security Warnings on GitHub Bachelor 2021
A Comparative Study about Nudge Units in Different Countries Bachelor 2021
History of Security Advice on Stack Overflow Master


A Comparison of the acceptance of contact-tracing apps in the Covid-19 pandemic in the USA, India, the UK and Germany Bachelor 2021
How should Android vulnerabilities be disclosed? An Analysis of Android Security Bulletins. Master 2021
Measuring Code Review in the Linux Kernel Master 2021
Bewertung der Einhaltung von Software-Sicherheitsstandards in kontinuierlicher Software-Entwicklung Guided Research 2021
Prototypical implementation and evaluation of an anonymization solution for textual data. Master 2020
Natural Language Semantic Code Search Using Learning to Rank Master 2020
An Empirical Analysis of Enterprise Credit Reporting Systems in China Bachelor 2020
An Empirical Evaluation of the Right to Erasure in the GDPR Bachelor 2020
The Right to Data Portability - Impact on Digital Platforms Master 2020
Fairness in the Chinese Social Credit Systems - A Contest-Based Approach to Answering a Design Question Master 2020
Investigating the maturity of IT security of emerging companies in Germany according to a maturity model Master 2020
Data Portability: Empirical Study on User Expectations about Data Exports from Social Network Sites Bachelor 2020
An analysis of hate comments in the Korean Internet Society Bachelor 2020
An Empirical Evaluation of the Right to Erasure in the GDPR Bachelor 2020
The Perceived Value of Our Data – A User's Perspective on Data Portability in the Context of Social Media Bachelor 2020
End User Awareness of IoT Device Users in the domain of smart homes - A survey study Bachelor 2020
Show Don't Tell: Improving user perception and understanding of privacy or anti-tracking tools Master 2020
Analysis of process mining in the context of cyber security with the example of identity and access management Master 2020
Social Media Behavior in the Context of Genealogy Platforms Bachelor 2020
"I understand it now, which I like. But trust? No!" - The Relation Between Transparency & Trust in Visual Data-Based Automated Hiring Procedures. Bachelor 2020
A survey study on mobile operating system upgrade practices Master 2020
A data-driven comparative analysis of blacklists and redlists in the Chinese Social Credit System Bachelor 2020
An investigation of the Critical Infrastructure requirements as owner of a Critical Infrastructure Bachelor 2019
Development of the Social Credit System in China and how it effects German Companies Bachelor 2019
A comprehensive empirical study on the Android patching ecosystem Master 2019
A Survey Study on the Treatment of Personal Friends' Data in the Context of Smartphone Usage Bachelor 2019
Implementation of the Critical Infrastructure requirements as owner of a Critical Infrastructure Bachelor 2019
Search Engine for Security Documentation Guided Research 2019
Learning Program Representations from Big Code Guided Research 2019
Analysis of pseudonymous data to evaluate information flow in web-based fringe communities Master 2019
An open-source intelligence collection and analysis platform for actionable product threat intelligence and coordinated cyber incident response Master 2019
Analysis of the Changes in Privacy Policies for Mobile Apps Master 2019
Privacy Related Behavior, Lifestyles, Trust and Knowledge: Do People Securely Erase Confidential Data? Bachelor 2019
Privacy and data sensivity in health promotion apps: Perceptions in private and workplace health apps Master 2019
KRACK Attack: Security and Security Awareness in Multiperson Households Bachelor 2018