Tina Kuo

Tina Kuo is a doctoral candidate at the Chair of Cyber Trust.

Tina is currently working on a project with the TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intellifence (IEAI) and the Max-Planck-Institute for Research on Collective Goods (MPG) investigating how AI-driven online interventions can be personalized to drive ethical/privacy-friendly user behaviors and reduce undesirable behavior, such as cyber-bullying and spreading fake-news.

Her current work explores online community dynamics and moderation, focusing particularly on the usage, adoption, and effect of moderation tools and the strategies used to shape and govern online communities. She hopes her work on personalizating AI-driven moderation technology will facilitate the design of more supportive online communities and improve user experience of online social platforms and moderation tools.

Tina has a Master of Science in Human Factors Engineering & Ergonomics from the Technical University of Munich in 2019 and Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Columbia University in 2014. Tina has experience working in UX research, strategy consulting, and financial services in New York, Munich, and London. Prior to joining the Chair as a Research Associate, she conducted usable privacy research on personalization of privacy communications in collaboration with the Chair of Cyber Trust and former privacy-focused search engine, Cliqz GmbH.


Email: tina.kuo@tum.de | Phone: +49 (89) 257 - 17742


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