Legal Data Science & Informatics

The professorship in Legal Tech at the TUM Department of Informatics conducts research and development around the application of methods from artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, natural language processing, and knowledge engineering towards solving tasks and problems arising in the practice of law and public administration. High level goals are to:

  • Support judicial decision making
  • Facilitate access to justice
  • Enable effective research in collections of legal documents
  • Enhance processes in public administration and legal practice

Currently, specific technical areas of focus include:

  • Leveraging neural NLP models towards supporting legal document drafting and producing data-driven insight
  • Information retrieval on legal text
  • Computational models of legal inference and argumentation (i.e. rule- and case-based reasoning)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The Legal Tech working group at TUM is nascent and this website will continuously be extended as things progress.