Seminar in Data Mining (IN2107, IN4877)

Master Seminar in Data Mining.

In this seminar, teams of students will compete in an international student competition comprising data mining, machine learning, and/or business analytics elements.

As part of last year's seminar, one of our student teams won the global Teradata Data Challenge 2020.

Throughout the semester, you can expect 3-4 meetings where you will present your process to the chair and/or the other teams. After completion of the project, you will be asked to write a written report (as a team) about your solution.

Prerequisites: First experience with theory and application of data analysis, e.g. IN2088 Business Analytics or equivalent experience.


Until further notice, we expect all meetings to be virtual. If the situation allows, we may have some of the later meetings in person or hybrid, but this is TBD.

All meetings will be held via the following BBB session: BBB Meeting Link

  • March 5 at 11:00 am Kick-off Meeting, team formation. Attendance is mandatory, otherwise, your spot will be given to someone else. (If you cannot attend due to an important reason (e.g. an exam at the same time), please reach out by email well in advance!)
  • Competition and teamwork: early April - late June. (Note: The competition and thus your work on the seminar will begin earlier than the lecture period, which begins on April 12.)
  • Three presentations about your progress:
    • 19.04.2021: First private team presentation (individual times per team, other teams will not see your results; 13:00 and 13:45).
    • 17.05.2021: Second private team presentation (13:00 and 13:45).
    • 25.06.2021, 13:00: Final presentation (other teams will be present).
  • Deliverable: Final Team Report (approx. ~15 pages). Deadline: 23.08.2021.


Update 5.3.2021: Registrations are closed. There are no additional spots available.

Spots in the seminar are allocated through the two-sided matching mechanism of the informatics department. (There are possible exceptions for exchange students, see below.) The registration is twofold:

(i) Applicants shall send a short E-Mail to Nils Kohring until the 16th of February. This should include:

  • 1-3 sentences about the applicant's motivation to participate
  • 2-3 sentences about your qualification for the seminar (e.g. participation in the Business Analytics class and corresponding Analytics Cup grade)
  • Attachment: Transcript of Records (Master), (If you're just finishing your first MSc semester and haven't received your grades yet, please also attach a ToR from your Bachelor's degree.)
  • Attachment: (optional) CV
  • (optional) Your programming language preference: R and/or Python (or something else). This will not affect your chances of getting a spot, but it helps us plan the seminar.

(ii) Submit your course preferences via the matching tool Matching. A schedule for the registration can be found at Matching Schedule and results will be published on the 25th of February on that platform.

Please be aware of the deregistration deadline, in case you change your mind.

If you're an incoming exchange student who cannot participate in the matching for technical or organizational reasons, please complete the steps in (i) and indicate your exchange student status in the email prominently. We will try to allocate additional slots to you, but cannot make any guarantees.