Regardless of the COVID-19 we need you to sign in at the TUMonline lectures for the semester. Please have a look at our offer.

The Upcoming Semester: Summer Semester 23

Current Semester



  • Master-Seminar: Computational Aspects of Machine Learning: TUMonline, Moodle
  • Master-Seminar: Fundamentals of Wave Simulation - Solving Hyperbolic Systems of PDEs: TUMonline, Moodle
  • Master-Seminar: Linear Operators for Machine Learning: TUMOnline, Moodle t.b.a.
  • Seminar: Scientists and Ethics: TUMonlineMoodle
  • Seminar: Projektmanagement (Überfachliche Grundlagen): TUMonline, Moodle t.b.a.
  • Master Seminar: Advanced Topics of Quantum Computing: TUMonlineMoodle
  • BGCE Seminar: Supervised Teaching
  • Doktorand*innen-Seminar


When it’s all going a bit pear-shaped: we are here ...

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089 / 3571 3571 & 089 / 2316 5656
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Free of charge
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