Current Semester


  • Algorithms for Scientific Computing (Algorithmen des Wissenschaftlichen Rechnens) TUMonline Moodle
  • Scientific Computing II TUMonline Moodle
  • Modeling and Simulation (IN2010) TUMonline Moodle
  • Modeling and Simulation Focus Analysis (IN2366) TUMonline Moodle
  • Numerisches Programmieren TUMonline Moodle
  • Advanced Concepts of Quantum Computing (IN2400)  TUMonline Moodle
  • Tensor Networks (IN2388) TUMonline  Moodle
  • Algorithms for Uncertainty Quantification (IN2345) TUMonline Moodle
  • Scientific Computing in Circuit Simulation TUMonline



  • Master-Praktikum: Modern Wave Propagation - Discontinuous Galerkin & Julia TUMonline Moodle
  • Master-Praktikum: Machine Learning in Crowd Modeling & Simulation TUMonline Moodle
  • Master-Praktikum: Scientific Computing - Computational Fluid Dynamics TUMonline Moodle
  • Bachelorpraktikum: Molekulardynamik:  TUMonline, Moodle

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