Information about our group seminar

Type: Oberseminar
Room: 01.09.014
Time: Thursday (16:15–17:15)
Contact:  Ana Petrovska

Forthcoming presentations in the current academic year

Date Speaker Title Time
20.10.2022 Aaron Tacke BA talk: Reducing Effort for Flaky Test Detection through Dynamic Program Analysis 16:15-16:45
20.10.2022 Ahmed Ebid MA talk: Improving Robustness of Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving 16:45-17:15
27.10.2022 Isabell Helling BA talk: Design and Empirical Evaluation of Automated Detection of Returning Test Gaps as a Result of Source Code Changes 16:15-16:45
27.10.2022 Martin Felber BA talk: Detection of Quality Deficits That Have a Particularly Strong Impact by Taking Into Account Frequently Fixed Deficits in Bug Tickets 16:45-17:15
17.11.2022 Oliver Seitz MA talk: Scenarios in the Intersection Context - Data-Driven Derivation and Description 16:15-16:45
01.12.2022 Jonas Bogenberger MA talk: Consideration of Changes in Non-Source-Code Files in Test Gap Analysis 16:15-16:45
22.12.2022 Alexander Schmidle MA talk: Trustworthy Dashboard for Failure Classification in Automotive Integration-level Testing 16:15-16:45
09.02.2023 Mariia Borysova MA talk: Tool-Supported Reconstruction of Software Architectures 16:15-16:45
20.04.2023 Saketh Gundlapalli MA talk: Ablation Study of Automatic Failure Categorization in Automotive Integration Level Testing 16:15-16:45


Past presentations

22.03.2022 Leonard Husmann BA talk: Model-based Fault Localization for System-level Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems
22.03.2022 Ferdinand Duetsch BA talk:  Failure Cause Analysis in Regression Testing for Automotive Software
22.03.2022 Julian Luneburg BA talk: Building a UAV Flight Data Set
22.03.2022 Robin Borth BA talk: Scraping online documentation of Ardupilot UAV system to generate a knowledge-based causal graph
22.03.2022 Chandramohan Sudar MA talk: Crowdsource Data Laveling Tasks with Mobile App Users
10.02.2022 Tamer Temizer MA talk: Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Aggregation with Subjective Logic on the Overall System's Adaptivity in Multi-Agent Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems
13.01.2022 Ehsaan Qadir MA talk: Designing a Usable Inverse Transparency Dashboard
11.11.2021 Jörn von Henning  MA final: Identification of bugs through static code analysis with high accuracy
12.10.2021 Maxime Lavocat (LMU) BA final: Inverse Transparency in High Data Security Environments
12.10.2021 Maximilian Wendlinger BA final: Tamper-Proof Inverse Transparency Logs With Intel SGX
21.10.2021 Liana Soima BA final: Modelling Safety Case Patterns Identified During the Execution of a Systematic Literature Review
21.10.2021 Irina Muntean BA final: Simulation-based Fault-Injection Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
29.10.2021 Muhammad Ansab Shohab MA final: A Framework for Engineering Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems
29.10.2021 Nika Dogonadze MA final: Software Integrity Protection versus Machine Learning Attacks
04.11.2021 Lukas Metten BA final: Identifier Dictionary
04.11.2021 Deniz Candas MA final: Defect Prediction in Open Source Software Using Workflow Metrics
18.11.2021 Stefan Haas MA final: Detecting Smells in Data Models
25.11.2021 Michael Sammereier MA final: Automatic Detection and Identification of Breaking SecurityConfiguration Rules
25.11.2021 Daniel Bertagnolli MA final: Regression Test Optimization in Microservices by Linking Distributed Tracing with Code Instrumentation
02.12.2021 Nour Bouzid BA final: Evaluating Knowledge Aggregation with Subjective Logic in Multi-Agent Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems
16.12.2021 Peter Greth MA final: Qualitative Metrics for the Assessment of Intrusion Detection on the Controller Area Network

15.04.2021 Quirin Ertz BA final: Generation of OVAL Checks for Security-Configuration Assessments
15.04.2021 Hannah Kühn BA final: Digitizing EDAP - A Tool for Ethical Deliberation in Agile Processes
29.04.2021 Carlos Alexander Orgaz Henkel BA final: AI based component selection for energy management planning
29.04.2021 Johannes Bordne BA final: Automatic Test Execution Management for Complex Automotive Hardware-in-the-loop Test Setups
06.05.2021 Fabian Danisch BA final: Assessing the Reliability of Optimization Algorithms for Detecting Worst-Case Situations for UAVs
06.05.2021 Jens Le MA final: Systematic Evaluation and Refinement of Automotive Intrusion Detection Systems
20.05.2021 Ivan Lukač MA final: Enabling Sensible People Analytics With Inverse Transparency
10.06.2021 Katharina Stetter MA final: Algorithmic Accountability for Inverse Transparency
10.06.2021 Simon Zachau MA final: Using Text- and Image-Based Machine Learning to Predict Software Quality
24.06.2021 Stefan Bruetsch MA final: Quantifying Adequacy of Software-Programs
01.07.2021 Vera Kowalczuk BA final: A Systematic Assessment of Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection Systems for the Automotive Domain
05.08.2021 Michaela Friedrich BA final: Applying Inverse Transparency to Intercompany Contexts
05.08.2021 Florian Dollinger BA final: Co-Simulation-based Experimental Platform for Cyber-Physical Systems
01.09.2021 Justus Polzin BA final: Scaling Self-Checksumming Combined with Virtualization Obfuscation to Real-World Software
01.09.2021 Jan Drebinger BA final: Model-based Fault Localization for Cyber-Physical Systems with Limited Observability

12.10.2020 Patrik Zander BA final: Tracking Jira Data Accesses through the Database Layer
12.10.2020 Antonia Maria Lehene BA final: Methodologically Achieving User Trust
19.10.2020 Hanna Reß BA final: An Analysis Plugin Toolbox for Jira
19.10.2020 Daniel Pfaff MA final: Semantically-Enhanced Failure Diagnosis: Application of Ontology-based Reasoning to an Autonomous Crane System
26.10.2020 Martin Eisenmann MA final: Evaluating the Performance of Different Solving Techniques for an Automotive Deployment Exploration Use Case
26.10.2020 Samuel Valenzuela BA final: Making Self-Checksumming Combined with Virtualization Obfuscation Resistant against Attacks
09.11.2020 Ernesto Alejandro Valentiner von Fedak BA final: A Use Case Specific Architecture for an Accountable Safety-Critical System Based on Evidentia
23.11.2020 Nicola Kolb MA final: Experimental Derivation of Fitness Functions for Testing Automated and Autonomous Driving Systems in Road Intersection Scenarios
07.12.2020 Malte Neuss MA final: Run-time Reasoning and Solving Conflicting Observations with Subjective Logic in Multi-Agent Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems
25.01.2021 Katharina Reuschel BA final: A Taxonomy for Sequential Diagnosis Algorithms
08.02.2021 Huu Phuoc Le MA final: Factors leading to Organizational Turnover in Software Engineering Roles
08.02.2021 Andrei Badoi MA final: Using Machine Learning to Predict Software Vulnerabilities in Low-level Code
22.03.2021 Theresa Wasserer BA final: Automatic Selection of Security-relevant Configurations
22.03.2021 Sebastian Bergemann MA final: Evaluation Framework for a Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical System on an Example of a Multi-Robot System
22.03.2021 Tobias Hilbig MA final: Incident Response Automation: Challenges And Opportunities For Automated Course Of Action Deployment