PhD Positions

Currently, we do not have any open PhD positions.
If you want to get notified, there is a mailing list for all kinds of jobs for Bioinformatics students and graduates: jobs-bioinfo. ( at )
You can register here:

Hiwi's and Internships

Currently, we do not have any paid positions available.
If you're interested in a research internship that is funded through other means or does not need to be funded, feel free to reach out to us as described in the projects section.

Projects @ Rostlab

We generally offer bachelor's and master's theses, IDPs and guided researches for Computer Science and Computational Biology students.
You are welcome to contact projects (at) for any project related inquiries.

Please note: we do not have a list of available topics.
Instead, we typically try to come up with projects that match your individual skill set and are interesting to you and the supervisor.

For any application, please include your CV (focusing on previous projects), transcripts if you're studying, and a brief motivation relating your interest to specific research topics of us
(either from our previous publications or projects described here). Possibly, provide evidence of your programming skills (e.g., GitHub repos, or by sending shareable code).

Our chair mostly works with Python for machine learning and tool development, and JS/TS react for web-projects.
Deviations are possible, but you should be prepared to integrate with the respective ecosystem.

We look forward to hearing from you.