Modern Storage Technologies and Systems (IN0014, IN2107, IN45011)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2023
Language of instructionEnglish
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Admission information

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Note: The grade will be based on the presentation, submitted paper and participation in the discussion


Learn how to answer a research question. Learn how to read and judge scientific papers. Learn how to present scientific work. Learn scientific writing skills.


In this seminar we take a look at storage technologies and storage systems with a focus on modern hardware and novel interfaces. Particular topics of interest are: • Flash memory and novel interfaces (e.g., ZNS) • Non-volatile memory, near-storage compute, in-memory processing • Cloud storage services • Storage engines, key-value stores and database management systems The exact topics and topic assignment will be done in the beginning of the summer term. For any questions, please send an email to

Teaching and learning methods

• Participants will give a 20 minute presentation • after the talk, there will be a discussion on the paper • Participants will submit a paper in ACM sigconf format The scheduled dates and room will still be disclosed. For any questions, please send an email to