Bachelor-Seminar - Data Visualization

Christoph Neuhauser, Kevin Höhlein, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Westermann

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Listed below are the topics covered in this seminar. 

# Topic  
1 Visualization Pipeline
2 Data Typology
3 Dimension Reduction and Clustering
  Information Visualization:
4 Basic Charting Techniques
5 Distribution Visualization
6 Color mapping
7 Visual analytics / User interaction
8 Graph Visualization
9 Visualizing Time
  Scientific Visualization
  Scalar Fields
10 Isosurface Extraction (2D / 3D)
11 Direct Volume Rendering
12 Scalar Field Topology
  Vector Fields
13 Vector Field Topology
14 Line-based Vector Field Visualization
15 Line Integral Convolution
16 Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents
  Tensor Fields
17 Topology-based Tensor Field Visualization
18 Glyph-based Tensor Field Visualization
19 Trajectory-based Tensor Field Visualization
20 Applications of Tensor Field Visualization
  3D Graphics
21 Rasterization and Local Illumination
22 Path Tracing and Monte Carlo Rendering
23 Shadow Mapping
24 Texture Mapping
25 Space Partitioning
26 Modeling Material Interactions
27 Ambient Occlusion
28 Terrain Rendering
29 Voxel-based Rendering
30 Participating Media



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