Realtime Computer Graphics (IN0038, IN0039)

held by Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Westermann

Time, Place Mondays 12:00 - 13:30, IHS2; Thursdays 12:00-14:00, Interims II
Begin Monday, April 20., 2020 (online recording)
Details Only online recording until on-campus lectures possible again
Prerequisites none


Both the lecture (IN0038) and the practical (IN0039) will be held in English. Please note that there will be online recordings until on-campus lectures are possible again. Check the course moodle for all information concerning this lecture.


The practical Realtime Computer Graphics IN0039 will be held in groups of 20-25 participants. Each group will be supervised by one tutor. Registration for the tutor groups is via tumonline. Announcements concerning registration, work schedule, and grading will be made via the course moodle.

  • First steps:

    1. Download a Git-Client, we recommend TortoiseGit or GitExtensions
    2. Register at with your RBG-Username.
      The RBG-Username is NOT your TUMonline account. It is a separate account used to access e.g. the "Rechnerhalle" or the online printing service. If you don't have an RBG-Username, see below
    3. Clone<username> and into the same parent folder, e.g.
      C:/local/ged/<username>/ and C:/local/ged/external/
      All slides and assignment will be published in the external-repository
    4. Install Visual Studio (the free Community Edition is sufficient). You need the following components:
      - Desktop development with C++ / Desktopentwicklung it C++
      - Game development with C++ / Spieleentwicklung it C++
  • How to get a new RBG account:

    1. Send a mail to the RBG (, they will create a new account for you and inform you by mail.
    2. Once you receive the mail, you have to sign the Terms of Use (, account-only is enough, and send them to the RBG by regular mail (Post). Digital signatures or scans by e-mail are not accepted, I asked.
      Technische Universität München
      Boltzmannstr. 3
      85748 Garching bei München
    3. The RBG will arrange a time and date for a video conference with you where they will give you the passphrase for your account orally.


  • Online Tutor Sessions

    We use Discord to hold the tutor sessions. Use this link to join the server.
    All further information is posted on the Discord server.