Development of a Self-Assessment Tool for Digital-Savviness

Thesis (MA)

Advisor(s): Altus Viljoen ( and Anna Keilbach (


Disruptive digital technologies create new value-creation potentials for incumbent manufacturing firms. However, successful digital transformation (DT) in production and logistics requires a digitally-savvy workforce, encompassing a digital mindset and novel capabilities, as a necessary criterion for success. This does not mean that the entire workforce must acquire programming skills, but that there is a fundamental understanding of the potential added value of digital solutions in all areas. Hence, digital-savviness enables employees at all levels to actively contribute to DT.

A clear understanding of employees' current level of digital-savviness (at the individual and team level) provides a starting point for incumbents to derive guidelines for achieving the required level of digital-savviness. One way to accomplish this would be to develop and implement a self-assessment tool. Thus, the goal of this thesis is the iterative development of criteria and questions for a self-assessment tool based on scientific results and our case partner’s input (an automotive firm). This includes to synthesize the literature, develop a self-assessment tool that captures the measurement of digital-savviness, and test the self-assessment tool at our automotive case study.


  • Review relevant literature and structure extant knowledge in the respective field
  • Synthesize and operationalize different items of digital-savviness
  • Conduct the self-assessment survey to measure digital savviness on an individual and team level
  • Derive guidelines how to achieve digital savviness at our case of an automotive firm


  • High degree of autonomy and individual responsibility
  • Interest in research in the field of DT
  • Experience in the conduction of a survey research would be beneficial

Further Information

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